Personal Finance and the Twelfth House



A careful study of Sanskrit Astrological works like Brhat Jataka and Hora Sara reveal many interesting details about planets in houses. While studying the effects of planets in the twelfth house with a good student, he asked for clarification about the financial effects. The answers were so interesting I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you via my blog…

Planets in the 12th house affect the way we spend money. Some are likely to have a positive effect, others a negative effect on our expenses.

Likely to be Positive

Our studies from the above mentioned Sanskrit works led us to conclude that Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are the planets likely to have positive financial impact when placed in the 12th house. But why???

The Sun

If the Sun is there, we spend in a clear cut and reliable manner. This makes it easier to keep positive finances. A major challenge for keeping positive finance is unexpected expenses. The Sun in the 12th makes the expenses more steady, therefore less unexpected. It also makes the expenses “clear cut” – meaning we are clear about what we are spending. This alleviates another major challenge to personal finance: not being sure where your money goes.

However if the Sun is in the 12th without dignity or under a distressing aspect, etc. “steady expenses” can very easily become literal and therefore negative to personal finance.


Mercury in the 12th makes the expenses more intelligent, and more business-savvy. That is an obvious boon to finance.

Mercury would need to have significantly poor dignity and aspects to produce the polar opposite effect: unintelligent spending.


Assuming the dignity of this venus is good and there is no seriously difficult aspect, Venus in the 12th helps us… well helps us win at “the price is right” – the game show where you have to guess the price of different objects. Venus is very good at assessing what things are really worth, if they are desirable or not, and how much. So Venus in the 12th makes us understand prices better. This helps us avoid useless expenses, and is therefore positive to personal finance.


Mars is utilitarian. His impact in the 12th house, therefore is to incline us to spend money (and energy in general) only on things that have some practical utility and purpose. This gives a practical sense of frugality which can easily have a positive impact on one’s overall financial situation.


Jupiter is moral. His presence in the 12th house inclines us to spend money morally. So we tend to give more money to charities, donations, good causes, etc. Jupiter is wise and broad minded. So his presence in the 12th protects from unintelligent spending, and tends to spread our expenses out over a broad range of things, rather than causing compulsive spending of a lot of money on a single area of life.

Likely to be Negative

The Moon and Saturn, unless pushed by positive dignity and aspects, tend towards negative impacts on personal finance when they occupy the 12th house.

The Moon

The Moon is emotional. In the 12th house it contributes towards emotional, erratic, unpredictable, compulsive spending.


Although Saturn is logical, critical, and practical, it is dull and not expert in worldly affairs. So the financial impact of Saturn in the 12th in negative: being unwise about money in general, and not being careful and smart about expenses and personal finance.