New Birth Chart Overview is now Available!!!


I just made available a fantastic, brand new Birth Chart Overview. It features:

  • Beautiful, original artwork renditions of your birth chart!
  • Deep, yet clear and simple explanations of every important symbol in your horoscope. Your rising sign, and every planet in its sign, house and lordship!
  • Fantastic graphs of the “positivity” and “potency” of every planet in your chart; giving you easy and intuitive understanding of sophisticated mathematical calculations, like Ṣaḍ-Bāla and Varga-Viṁśopaka.
  • A clear outline of the rhythms in your life-cycles, according to the major and minor periods of India’s famous viṁśottarī daśā system, calculated by accurate “fixed-star years” – along with guidance on how to use it!

I am happy and proud to offer the clearest, deepest and most comprehensive birth chart overview you can find anywhere – the result of thousands of hours spent in deep meditation upon Sanskrit texts, and years of practical application on thousands of horoscopes – for the most affordable fee of just $29!

Here are a few images from a sample reading…

Please check it out and order yours here: