The Five Elements and the Five Planets



Wiccan five elements 1

Each planet (of the five literal “planets”) controls an element.

Mercury = earth
Venus = water
Mars = fire
Jupiter = ether
Saturn = air

Each element is connected to an energy, and each energy is percieved by a sense:

Mercury = earth => energy that transmits scents => olfactory / nose
Venus = water => energy that transmits flavor => taste / tongue
Mars = fire => energy that transmits light => vision / eyes
Jupiter = ether => energy that transmits sound => hearing / ears
Saturn = air => energy that transmits feeling => tactile / skin

Because Jupiter controls sound – the sounds we hear and the sounds we produce are symbolized by him. Venus controls how the tongue tastes and also how we experience “taste” (rasa / pleasure) in everything. Mercury is our ability to smell things, a subtle and refined talent for humans. Mars is obvious, and controls our most obvious sense: sight. Saturn is dry and controls, in a negative manner, the dryness of skin, and thus lack of sensation.