Are My (Compatibility) Readings Different Now, With a Tropical Zodiac?


QUESTION:  Now that you use the tropical zodiac, does that mean that your readings are different that they have been in the past?  Are your readings similar to what a western astrologer would say, in regarding your compatibility readings?

I’ve been working with tropical zodiac signs since January 2012. Readings I gave before that used sidereal zodiac signs. Just how similar or different this makes the readings is something indirectly discussed in the “Which One is Correct?” section of the article on this page: and also in the various questions towards this subject on my Zodiac FAQ page:

My compatibility readings are composed of two parts: one is the traditional Indian system of evaluation and the other is a more modern system. The Indian system is 90%+ based on Nakshatras (stars) not Rashi (signs), and although I use tropical signs, I use sidereal fixed-stars (nakshatra). Therefore the traditional part of my compatibility readings is not significantly changed. The modern part of the compatibility overview is not so much based on locations of the planets relative to the zodiac, but instead upon the locations of planets relative to each other in the horoscopes of the two individuals. The use of a sidereal or tropical zodiac address for those horoscopes does not usually make a significant difference to that evaluation. To understand this, it might be helpful to watch the my video about the 12 signs, where I talk about what the zodiac does and does not affect in an astrological system. You can find the video on the page I mentioned above:

Most likely a compatibility overview between you and a specific person that I gave you prior to January 2012 would be significantly similar to the overview I would give you today. In whatever differences there prove to be between the two, I would favor, of course, the opinion resulting from my newer system.