Why Do Bad Things Happen???

Question: Last year there was earthquake in Fukushima and so many people died. Were the astrological charts of all those thousands of people showing death on a certain date?

This reminds me of a story. On a road up to the himalayas a bus crashed. Many died and many survived. An astrologer living nearby collected as much birth data from the survivors and the deceased as he could and analyzed all the charts as an exercise to improve his understanding of astrology. He was asking the same question you are basically.

As an aside: In the process of doing this, he came across the horoscope of a surviving young boy which indicated that he was supposed to become a great saint. He told the nearby temple about the boy and the parents sent the boy to the temple to receive spiritual education and training and the boy indeed became a great spiritual leader.

Well, now to answer your question.

The short answer is, “yes”.

All the people who died, died. Therefore it was their regrettable but inescapable destiny to die. Therefore it must be indicated somehow in the map of their destiny – their horoscope.

But destiny is extremely, extremely complex and sophisticated – and therefore the map of destiny is exceedingly hard to read. Therefore you will not find some simple and obvious stamp emblazoned upon the birth charts of all these people saying in red, boldface ink that they are all destined to die in a natural disaster on March 11, 2011. What you will find are all sorts of different subtle, complex indicators pointing in different ways to similar conclusions with similarly subtle and complex timing indicators pointing in different ways to a very similar point in time.

If there was such a thing as funding for astrological research, this would be exactly the type of project one would want to fund.

Question: Over the centuries so many atrocities have happened and will keep on happening. People have suffered beyond imagination. Human history has been full of inconceivable pain. This sometimes creates a doubt in me that if God is so benevolent how can there be so much pain?  Why does The All Powerful Lord keep silent and let it happen? I can understand the theory of Karma but how  it can justify extreme pains like what Nazis did or Bosnia deaths?

The Fate of the Animals

God does not create our fate. We create our fate. Spiritually speaking, human beings are “adults” and therefore we are responsible for our own actions. Fate is merely a mechanical thing remotely set up by God, which holds us responsible.

When the victims of the Nazis die, we wonder how nature can be so cruel. What could they possibly have done to deserve such a fate? But right in front of our face are the Nazis displaying exactly what could have possibly been done to deserve such a fate.

Human beings can very easily be horrible, violent creatures.  We reap the rewards for our brutality. When we see the victims of brutality we wonder why fate punishes them so. But next to the victims see the perpetrators! Seeing them we should understand why fate punishes humans so.

The perpetrator becomes the victim sooner or later. It generates a cycle of suffering that intensifies until the individual makes a conscious effort of freewill to change their behavior dramatically.

It is not “right”, “good”, “OK” or even “just” in a larger sense. It is horrible, heart-wrenching, and despicable. We have to give our heart and soul to escaping and helping others escape from the vicious jaws of karma.  Spiritual education is the most important part of this effort.

– Vic DiCara