Milestones of Growing Up – Astrologically


A planet’s complete lap of the heavens represents the prime opportunity to gain maturityin what the planet represents. The planets all travel through the circle of space at different speeds, thus creating different milestones of growth and maturity.

1 Month: The Moon

The first milestone of development is to reach one month of age, because at one month from birth, the Moon completes a circuit of the entire circle of the heavens and returns to the place it was when we were born.

The Moon is the emotional center of our being – our mind, which is the subtle organ of emotion and opinion, and is the coordinator of all the 10 senses (5 senses of input and 5 of output). From the one month milestone the child attains control of his or her senses, acquiring maturity in hearing, vision, etc. and mobility, evacuation, etc. Their emotional identity becomes concrete during this time and they develop the firm foundations of what they will like and dislike for the rest of their lives. They are purely emotional beings.

1 Year: The Sun, Mercury & Venus

The next milestone is our first birthday. At this time the Sun completes its first circuit of the heavens, and with it, roughly simultaneously, Venus and Mercury do the same.

Mercury is the planet of intellect. From its milestone a child starts to become rational and begins to communicate in much more complex verbal ways.

Venus is the planet of refinement and beauty in the senses. So from this milestone children develop expertise, refinement and beauty: Their bodies attain normal proportions. They become balanced and graceful and begin to walk, talk, sing, draw, etc.

The Sun is the planet of identity. At this milestone the child finally comes to completely identify with this new body he or she inhabits. Thus the sense of identity becomes solid.

2 Years: Mars

Just before 2 years old, Mars completes its first cycle through the complete celestial circle.

Mars is the planet of independent ambition. At 2 years old children develop independence – becoming much more brave and courageous, and wanting to play on their own. 

9 Years: Ketu

At about 9 years old, Rahu will have moved halfway through the circle of the heavens, and thus arrive at the point of its pole, Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu are planets of transformation and chaos. Children at 9 years old face significant chaos, uncertainty and fear. Adults should not underestimate the realness and intensity of these to the 9 year old. From this milestone to the next they will learn to cope with and overcome these.

12 Years: Jupiter

At about 12 years old, Jupiter completes its first circuit of the heavens.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, reproduction, and morality. At 12 years old children enter puberty and soon become capable of reproducing. From 12 years children develop adult-like philosophical capabilities and begin to seriously consider topics of morality, ethics, religion, etc. Higher education traditionally began from this age. Currently we still consider it the end of “elementary” schooling.

18 Years: Rahu

At about 18 years old, Rahu completes its circuit of the entire heavens.

Rahu is the radical planet of rebellion. Around 18 is when we become significantly wild and rebellious. The essential component of this milestone is that we come to reject, or at least seriously challenge, just about everything we have been brought up with so far. Soon after the 18th year the smoke settles and we begin assembling for ourselves a better version of what we learned prior to our 18th year.

27 Years: Saturn

At about 27 years old, plodding Saturn completes it’s heavenly circuit. This is the final milestone towards adulthood. From this point on, in no way, shape or form are we any longer children. From 27 years onward, we are full-grown, we are astrologically mature.

What does it mean to be mature? To be grown-up? To not be a child?

Saturn is the planet of work. So we develop our career from this milestone. Saturn is the planet of servitude – so we stop thinking about what makes us happy and start thinking about what we need to do to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to those in our care and those who have cared for us.

That is what it means to be an adult.

– Vic DiCara