Rohini (Aldebaran) as the Focal Point of the Nakshatra (Vedic Stars)


Rohini (Aldebaran) is the focal point for most of the nakshatra (fixed stars of the Vedic sky). The two stars on either side of Rohini belong to Soma and Agni – who together create flavor and digestion. Name of the sister of Soma and Agni is Rohini. Rohini represents the health and happiness that arises by the cooperation of good food and good appetite.

On either side of Soma and Agni’s stars stand the stars of Rudra and Yama, the gods of destruction and death. These are the fortress walls protecting Soma, Agni and their all important sister Rohini.

Rohini means “red girl” and refers to a blushing girl newly in puberty. Thus it is a star of fertility. Two other stars, the two Phalguni share this imagery (“Phalguni” also means “red girl”). Thus all three are stars of fertility. But the gods of romance and marriage (Bhaga and Aryama) own the Phalguni stars, making this very literally a place of fertility, marriage, and romance. The god of Rohini, on the other hand, is Brahma, the Creator. Though all three “red” stars share romance and creativity among the implications of their fertility – Rohini is more towards creative fertility while the 1st Phalguni is more about sexual fertility (ability to enjoy) and the 2nd Phalguni is more about marriage fertility (ability to raise a good family).

There is another star besides Rohini with a god of creation as it’s deity. It is Citra, for whom Tvasta (the power of creation itself) is the empowering agent. Rohini is more about beautiful creativity while Citra is more about amazing, masterful, and technological creative genius.

When the Citra and Rohini are active simultaneously, great creative genius is set free. When Rohini and the Phalgunis alight together, great lovers and spouses and parents shine forth. All four stars (Rohini, the 2 Phalgunis, and Citra) are very synergistic.

– Vic DiCara