Mercury in the Birth Chart of Swami Prabhupada

  • The Sun is in Virgo.
  • Virgo navamsha rises.
  • Moon is in Gemini
  • Mercury is in the 10th house, alone amidst the kendra.

So there is a lot of Mercury’s resources available to Prabhupada. A typical expectation of such resources is to be childlike, playful, diplomatic and balanced. And although these qualities did have some place in Prabhupada’s character, they were by no means his primary qualities. Instead Prabhupada was very mature, serious, uncompromising and one-pointed (“one-sided” some might say).

Why don’t the expected effects of Mercury shine forth in Prabhupada?

  • Mostly Virgo, not Gemini
  • Mercury is deficient in potency
  • Mars and Saturn influence the Gemini Moon
  • Capricorn rises and Saturn is vargottama.

There are significant differences between Virgo and Gemini, and Prabhupada’s Mercury resources come more through Virgo than Gemini (he has two major counts of Virgo – the Sun’s sign and the rising navamsha, and just one count of Gemini – the Moon).

Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another factor is that Prabhupada’s Mercury is not endowed with strength (sad-bala). Therefore Mercury lacks the gusto to keep its natural character intact and unaltered by influences. And those influences are strong: Mars, vargottama Saturn, and Capricorn ascending.

It is essential to notice that Prabhupada’s Gemini Moon is in the association of Mars. Mars’ presence significantly alters the natural diplomacy, playfulness, and balanced openess of Gemini. Additionally, the strongest aspect upon Prabhupada’s Moon is from Saturn – further altering the flexibility, childishness, and frivolity associated with Gemini “out of the box.” It is because of the strong effect of Mars and Saturn on this Gemini Moon that Prabhupada was more obviously an uncompromising, one-pointed, serious man. The combination of Saturn, Mars and Gemini upon Prabhupada’s Moon made him extremely persuasive in speech. By his chants and lectures alone he changed hundreds of thousands of lives and it is not unreasonable to say he even significantly altered the history of the world.

Finally, the major overriding context of the chart is Capricorn ascending. This also significantly alters what the influence of Mercury comes out to be in the final say. Capricorn is notoriously critical, inflexible, unyeilding, and perseverant.There is a lot of Mercury in Prabhupada, yes – but it has to work with a Capricorn ascendent and vargottama Saturn. So this chart cannot produce a playful, fluffy, flowery, flexible, “I’m OK. You’re OK.” diplomat typical of abundant Mercury. Instead it makes a person with critical genius, ability to communicate complex concepts to a totally foreign and inexperienced audience, and a prodigious author of books that are practical, not artistic or refined. Prabhupada operated with absolute fidelity and loyalty that does not compromise or bargain or negotiate, but did so with the significant Mercurial ability to adapt to modern times, cultures, and people; and presented in language that was appealing and extremely persuasive and convincing to hundreds of thousands.

So in Srila Prabhupada we have an excellent example of how the overall chart modifies specific observations such as Moon in Gemini.

– Vic DiCara