An Experimental Approach to Astrology?


Have you ever taken a chemistry or physics lab class? Even in the introductory level courses it is extremely difficult to even SET UP the experiments properly. More than half the class usually ends up with soot on their faces and complete failures to execute the experiment. 

In fact, most of the talent of a scientist and researcher is not in performing an experiment, but in correctly figuring out how to set it up, and in figuring out the hypothesis to be experimented upon. 

Many people suggest that we learn astrology in an “experimental” manner – by testing concepts against hundreds of horoscopes. How will they set up the experiments? Do they even know how to conduct scientific experiments rigorously? How will they formulate the hypothesis to be experimented upon? Etc. All these questions are very important, and if we answer them honestly we tend to arrive at the conclusion that an experimental approach to astrology is most likely to wind up looking like a highschool chemistry lab.