Astrological Remedies


English dictionaries define remedy as “a treatment that corrects a disease, injury, fault, flaw, error, evil, etc.” Giving a “remedy” for fate implies that something somewhere is wrong, flawed, evil, etc. The vast majority of people believe that it is their fate which is evil, flawed and faulty; in need of cure.

This is absolutely wrong. There is no flaw in destiny, it is flawless. God controls and enforces destiny, and God is good and flawless. Destiny is the just reward for the condition of our freewill. If we must face painful fates it is unfortunate, but not a mistake! It is simply the just reward for a big flaw that we carry within us.

It is extremely crucial to embrace this concept, but extremely difficult because it destroys the treasured notion that we are basically flawless and don’t deserve any correction or punishment. This notion is at the root of false-ego, which itself is the first link in the chain that binds us to pain and suffering. Destroy this shackle by embracing the fact that destiny is fair and just. This in and of itself is the best karmic remedy.

When a child is corrected by a parent, he might become resentful. This is because he can’t admit that he did something wrong and deserves the punishment. So long as he doesn’t admit his fault, the punishment cannot be effective at its task of correcting and improving the child’s character, and thus his or her life! As long as the child is in denial of his own guilt the punishment must continue, take different forms, and perhaps even escalate. When the child finally admits that he did something wrong, and should endeavor to correct himself, the punishment almost immediately stops and a happy and pleasant parent-child relationship again resumes.

This is exactly our situation. Souls are children being raised by Mother Nature so that we can grow up to be fit and capable of directly participating in the spiritual bliss of selfless divine love. Destiny is the punishment and reward of our mother. The mother does not need fixing, the child does. We must not seek a remedy to change the fate our mother gives us! We must ask for a remedy that will enable us to correctourselves, and thus please our mother.

It is not our destiny that must be “remedied,”
it is our misuse of freewill that requires a cure!

Anyway, it is not even possible to change your present destiny. The present is created by the past, and creates the future. Thus we can change our future, but we cannot change the present. The opportunity to do that has already passed! We havealready created our present. We cannot go back in time and redo it. We canchange our future, and we must use the present as instruction from our loving universal mother as to what we should change and how we should change it.

A “remedy” is really a treatment
to correct the flaw in how we deal with our present,
and thus create our future.

The Sanskrit word used in this context is upāya. It means, “(1) coming near, approaching, joining; and  (2) that by which one reaches one’s aim.” This is a much better term than the English “remedy” because it communicates that the means of attaining happiness is to come closer to embracing the corrections given to us by destiny.

Types of Remedy

Ancient and Classical Vedic texts are replete with self-knowledge and paths towards it. They also explain that the first and foremost cause of suffering is avidya,lack of knowledge. Thus the most essential of all remedies is knowledge itself.

It cannot be overstated that making progress, however small, towards self-realization is the first and best remedy for suffering! In addition to this fundamental truth, classical texts on Indian astrology specify specific remedies tailored to particular issues and planets:

  • Intentional association with the qualities of the specific planet. Via:
    • colors
    • clothes
    • body language
    • activities
    • places
    • people
    • flavors
    • directions
    • etc.
  • Meditation upon the planet via mantra and prayer
  • Charity
  • Rituals

Gemstones are not given as a remedy anywhere except by very modern authors. The practice probably started only a few centuries ago as an extension of the color therapy mentioned above, combined with a belief in special properties of gems and crystals. Gems and crystals probably do have unique powers and properties, but noclassical authority on astrology ever suggests using them in an astrological context, and certainly never explains how to do so. So, I do not include gemstones among the remedies I teach and recommend.


Vic DiCara