Srila Prabhupada: Saturn in Scorpio


My textbook definition of Saturn in Scorpio:

Unimpressed: This quality makes us less gullible but more critical, harsh, and uninspired.

Dissatisfied: An increase of melancholy and emotional dissatisfaction makes us more prone to be ill-tempered, averse to festivities, and unnecessarily hostile.

Resourceful: Saturn in Scorpio makes us more resourceful, improving our ability to utilize the resources and wealth of others.

Prabhupada’s Saturn is in the 11th house, which is a desirable position for natural malefics. Therefore the effects are made less blunt and negative.

Prabhupada was definitely “unimpressed” with anything and everything. The only thing that impressed Prabhupada was the transcendental attractor, Sri Krishna. He was highly critical towards everything that was conceived of as separated from Krishna. He was very harsh in arguments of substance and would not pull any punches to deliver his message forcefully. He was uninspired, unmotivated for anything besides Sri Krishna (anyabhilashita sunyam).

Prabhupada was definitely dissatisfied and melancholoy. It is famous that many people seeing Srila Prabhupada’s photo would say, “Why is he so unhappy?” He was unhappy with the constant state of perceived disconnection from transcendence that surrounded him in this world. He was not satisfied with any career, wealth, family, or anything except Sri Krishna.

Prabhupada was extremely resourceful, as can be seen in his creating a worldwide movement of historical import while he was a beggar / sanyassi with no personal possessions or wealth.