Adolf Hitler: Saturn in Leo


Adolf Hitler [April 20, 1889 at 18:30 in Branauan Inn Austria] has, by my system of calculation, Saturn at 13 degrees Leo. Here is my textbook description of Saturn in Leo

Primarily the effects center on a reduction of nobility.

Reduced Status: We are less likely to gain a commanding position and more likely to remain subordinate.

Unchivalrous: We are more practical than chivalrous; the negative implication being that we are more likely to abandon virtues when we feel the need.

Uneducated: Again, we are practical – we know how to do whatever we need to do and the negative implication is that we are less interested to learn about anything else.

It is not always good to look at examples where astrology is easy to apply straight from the textbook, and Hitler’s Saturn is a good example to the other end of the spectrum.

Certainly the primary effect is directly accurate and easy to apply: “reduction of nobility” and this comes out in the description of “unchivalrous.” Hitler felt a lot of internal pain due to having a father who did not support and love him and a mother who died very early. He blamed her death on the Jews, who in his eyes always seemed to have all the money to get good healthcare, etc. etc. etc. This is “unchivalrous” – he abandoned the truth in order to pacify himself and give himself a way to go one living – but at the cost of hating others.

“Uneducated” is also a partially good match for Hitler, because his grades and performance in school were dismal or at best average, with the exception of Art (see Sun in Taurus). He did later seek to gain a lot of knowledge, however – but was rather unsuccessful at getting to the heart of any of it.

The most shocking description, however, is “Reduced Status” since Hitler became the king of a nation, and almost the king of Europe and perhaps even the world. Although it is true that in the end he gained only a status of one of the most infamous and hated persons in history. Still, he rose to significant power.

This shows that it is rare that parts of a horoscope isolated from one another will accurately describe the end results entirely. Although Saturn in Leo made him eventually completely dishonored and diminished, his rise to power was enabled by several other factors, not all of which are as simple as a planet in a sign:

  • The first lord is the victor in planetary war
  • The ninth lord Mercury is in exact aspect to the ascendant, exactly on the western horizon, in Aries with good dignity.
  • His ascendant was Libra, with Taurus navamsha. Because Venus owns both, it makes the ascendant quite a lot more powerful
  • Rahu and Ketu are prominent in the birth chart and the navamsha – which contributes towards becoming unusual, remarkable, and sometimes extremely famous.
  • The first house of his dashamsha/parivritti is loaded

As for Saturn itself, it is in the 11th house, which is a desirable place for Saturn and other malefics. This means that the negative effects of Saturn in Leo will not be as blunt and unyeilding. Also, it is by far the most potent planet in the chart (by shad-bala), therefore its effects will be unstoppable. 

Hitler, undoubtedly was an extremely “malefic” fellow. The huge role of malefics like Saturn and Mars and Sun in his chart paints an accurate picture. 

– Vic DiCara