Jupiter in Leo: A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, “Srila Prabhupada,” was born September 1, 1896 at about 4pm, in Calcutta. Using my tropical/sidereal rashi/nakshatra system, this puts Jupiter in Leo.

My textbook defines the baseline effect of Jupiter in Leo like this:

Kingly: Jupiter in Leo enhances our kingly qualities: we become more commanding, powerful, strong and self-sustaining.
Loyal: The loyalty and faith of Jupiter in Leo is deeper and longer lived. Friendships are stronger and longer lasting – but so are enmities.


Prabhupada was the leader of an international religious movement that he founded on his own, with almost no visible assistance from others (self sustaining). His nickname was “Senapati Prabhupada” (senapati means “General”, as in the General of an army) because he was very commanding, powerful and strong.

Jupiter is a planet of religion and philosophy. Leo is the sign of kingliness. So (As Prabhupada’s case illustrates) Jupiter in Leo is especially suited to grant the above-described kingliness in relation to religious, spiritual, philosophical and moral arenas.


Prabhupada is universally recognized by spiritualists as a shining example of “avyavasayatmika budhih” – unwavering fixedness of intention. He was the paragon of loyalty and fidelity to his predecessors. He loathed the idea of inventing novel concepts or implementations for no good reason, and strongly preferred to stick as closely as possible to exactly what his teacher had taught him. He tried to instill this same idea in his followers (and did so, almost too successfully, one might argue).

As indicated by the textbook, Prabhupada was almost equally loyal towards enemies. He absolutely refused to give one millimeter of forgiveness to the mayavadi (the philosophy that God, especially a personal God, is an imaginary figure or a figure created by illusion), false avatars (people claiming that “we are all God” or “I am God”), sahajiyas (people who take the beautiful intimacy of Krsna as if it were equivalent to ordinary intimacy and a thing easily and cheaply gotten), and many others.

Note about Ketu

Prabhupada’s Jupiter is on the exact degree with Ketu, within just 2 minutes of arc. Thus the qualities of Jupiter in Leo, for Prabhupada, are extremely spiritually oriented. It was during his Ketu phase (dasa) that all the qualities of Jupiter in Leo – especially the kingliness – became very powerfully manifest (his Ketu phase, according to my system, went from December of 1969 through October of 1976).


Vic DiCara