Mars in Gemini: Srila Prabhupada’s Practical Intellect


A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, “Srila Prabhupada,” was born September 1, 1896 at about 4pm, in Calcutta. Using my tropical/sidereal rashi/nakshatra system, this puts Mars in Gemini.

My textbook defines the baseline effect of Mars in Gemini like this:

Intolerant: Mars is the planet of independence, but Mercury is the planet of cooperation and interaction. So when Mars takes charge of the resources of Mercury it poses a challenge to our ability to interact without others in a cooperative, tolerant, understanding and mutually beneficial manner.

Ambitious in Business: Mars in Mercury’s signs puts ambition into monetary exchanges. Thus it inclines us to desire money, become wise about saving it, and brave in pursuing it.

Know-How: Mars is utilitarian. Mars working through the resources of Mercury imparts utilitarianism to our intellect; better suited to figuring out how to defeat the obstacles and enemies which threaten to frustrate our ambitions.

Intolerant. Although he was kind and compassionate, Srila Prabhupada would not tolerate ANYTHING that was 1 cm deviant from the ideal. All these people would come to him expecting to be babied and encouraged and Prabhupada would not tolerate their nonsense AT ALL. He was very, very strong and heavy and not “flexible” at all. He was very much Mars in Gemini.

Ambitious with Money… Prabhupada had about 200 rupees in his pocket when he got on a boat and came to America alone. From that within a few years he had millions of dollars at his disposal.  He was also a very frugal man.

Practical intellect… Prabhupada’s guru was an enourmous scientific philosopher. He was first a “Siddhanta” because he translated Surya Siddhanta into Bengali and explained it, and did the same for Siddhanta Shiromani. Then he devoted his intellect to bhakti and became Bhaktisiddhanta. He made the most amazing disciples – huge, huge geniuses and philosophers. A doctor from Germany even became his disciple. Other very elevated scholars, the great, great philosophical genius B.R. Sridhar Swami. Our Srila Prabhupada was very humble amidst all these great and learned persons. Yet HE was the one, not any of them, who accomplished the miraculous deed of quite successfully transferring the seed of Krsna-prema-bhakti from India to American soil. WHY? One very important reason is the traits he had as a result of Mars in Gemini: “Practical Intellect.” Srila Prabhupada knew what he NEEDED to know, how to apply philosophical concepts in practical ways, and make them real and concrete and tangible. Prabhupada is a shining example of how practical intellect (characteristic of Mars in Gemini) can be far more useful and impactful than theoretical scholarship.


Vic DiCara