Hitler’s Venus


In 1934, Hitler became Germany's president und...

About Hitler… April 20, 1889 at 18:30 in Branauan Inn, Austria. (Calculated using sidereal stars [nakshatras] and tropical signs [rashis])

Hitler has Venus in Taurus. According to my own textbook, Venus in Taurus should bring the following effects:

Self-made Wealth: Venus in her own sign increases our ability to know what we need to do to obtain the things we want.

Good Character: Venus is the senses. Venus in her own sign means that our sensuality is positive and healthy – not a cause for degradation of character. We enjoy living, without the degradation of living merely to enjoy.

Reliable: Venus in her own signs inclines our sensual desires to be healthy and not a distraction or violation of our duties and responsibilities. Thus it enables us to be a more responsible and reliable friend, partner and family member.

Famous & Fearless: Venus in Libra increases our ability to be influential and attractive – fame. In Taurus, Venus increases our sense of being strong, grounded, and fearless.

Obviously Hitler was very famous, influential and fearless. Also it is clear that he was “reliable” in that he lived for a clear purpose, not for quick temporary desires. He lived for an ideal (a horrible ideal, but an ideal nonetheless). Which is a trait of Venus in her own signs. We interpret “Good character” in the same manner. His senses were in his control and he stuck till the end by his principles (as monstrous as they were). Obviously also Hitler exemplifies self-made wealth, both for himself and for the country he led (Germany’s hatred of the jews had a lot to do with the fact that they somehow had most of the wealth. So Hitler represented self-made wealth, for himself and for his people.)

Why does Hitler’s Venus have such a ghastly twist on these themes?

It is outside the scope of Planets in Signs, but it is difficult not to note that his Venus is

  • exactly conjunct Mars (planet of anger, warfare and violence)
  • in Bharani (the star of Yama, god of death)
  • in the dark 8th house
  • with a profound, nearly perfect aspect from the ill-doomed Saturn

– Vic DiCara