Considering Two New Courses on ‘Real “Vedic” Astrology’


I am seriously considering opening up two new classes –

105: Real “Vedic” Astrology – Fundamentals
205: Real “Vedic” Astrology – Practice

The course on Fundamentals would have to cover

  1. Locations of the 27 constellations (nakshatra) amidst the stars and in reference to the 12 tropical signs
  2. Relevant mythology of the 27 deities of the 27 constellations
  3. How the names and symbols of the 27 constellations focus us on what interpretive meaning to extract from this mytholody.

  4. Understanding lunar phases (tithi), and their interpretive implications
  5. Day lords and year lords
  6. The yogas of phase, day and constellation, and their interpretive implications

I think relevant mythology would take up 3 classes, at least. And so would the interpretive implications of the 27 constellations. Topics 4 and 6 should have two sessions each. The rest of the topics could be one session each. So the entire course looks like it would be 12 classes long. So it looks like it would be about a $400 tuition, in that neighborhood.

This course would be a pre-requisite for the course on Practice, which would cover:

  1. Moon and planets in the 27 constellations
  2. Considering principles of tara (relative goodness of constellations) and similar principles for the lunar phases – something roughly analogous to dignity in the mid-eastern originated systems.
  3. Examining, constellations, yogas, phases and year/day lords in several practical charts.

The first topic could take forever to teach and learn, but I could give the essential tools and methodology to understand the subject in perhaps 9 sessions (one for each planet). The second topic would take two sessions to present. Then maybe four sessions for practical examination in charts. That would come up to 15 sessions. The tuition would probably be in the neighborhood of $500.

What do you think? Give me your feedback about this idea. (If you want to send it privately, you can do so through