Vedic Stars – Purva Bhadrapada, Who is “Ajaikapada”

LOOOOOTS of misunderstanding around the deity of the vedic star-group called Purva Bhadrapada (the first blessed step). The spelling isn’t even right, it is supposed to be Ajaikapat. The wrong spelling has led published books to talk about some deity with one foot (eka-pada). Others say Ajaikapat is a form of Rudra. This is true, but this is not the Ajaikapat that empowers the star Purva-Bhadrapada.

Vishvakarma, the architect of the heavens (and deity of Citra Nakshatra) has four sons, one of them is Ajaikapat, the deity of the 25th star, Purva-bhadrapada. Another is Ahir Budnya, deity of the 26th star, Uttara-bhadrapada. (See Vishnu Purana Part 1 Chapter 15) I’ve heard second-hand that Ajaikapat usually assumes the form of a fire dragon living in flames. Ahir Budnya usually assumes the form of a water dragon living in the depths of the ocean.

Ajaikapat is a deity in charge of preserving all the gold in the world. (See Mahabharata Udyoga Parva, chapter 114, Verse 4)

The connection to Rudra, however is more complex because one of Vishvakarma’s other sons is Rudra. And additionally Rudra is said to have 11 forms, one of which is called Ajaikapat, and another of which is called Ahirbudhnya. (See Mahabharata Adi Parva Chapter 66 Verse 2). However we should note that the puranas eventually include 100 personalities as “rudras” – gods of negative things and destruction. There are a few Rudra deities in the 27 stars, including Nirrti (of Mula), plus Ajaikapat and Ahibudhnya.

To understand the nakshatras and their interpretations, we have to study their deities and thoroughly know them. I plan to be dedicating myself to this much more carefully now.


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