An Interesting Thought on The Relationship of Houses 3 & 11, 5 & 9


The third and fifth houses flank the eastern and western borders of the underground sky. The eleventh and ninth flank the eastern and western borders of the sky overhead. The underground sky represents the root of our being – our inner emotional self / soul. It’s eastern flank – the third house – represents our emotions becoming more self-oriented and tangibly realized (themes of the east). The western flank of the underground sky – the fifth house – represents our emotions reaching out become less tangible and to inter-relate with others (themes of the west). So, we can cut a slice out of the meaning of both the third and fifth houses and say that the third is the house of lust and the fifth the house of love.

Now flip to the opposite sky, the sky overhead. The eastern flank of the overhead sky – the eleventh house – is how our public status tangibly benefits ourselves, and the western flank – the ninth house – is how we use our public role to benefit others.

If you set up this image in your mind, you will see a balanced mirror.

The 3rd house is the house of selfish desires and the 11th is the house which fulfills those desires. The 5th is the house of selfless love and the 9th is the house that fulfills it.

We fulfill our ambitions and lusts by taking from society, and we fulfill the goals of love by giving.