The Myth of Sidereal Babylonian Astrology


Some present the argument that, “The oldest known zodiac comes from Babylonia and is sidereal!”

This is half-truth spoken by those who only look far enough to support their initial assumptions. Our oldest, best record of Babylonian astrology and astronomy comes from the cuniform tablets called Mul.Apin. Anyone can review the translations of these tablets and easily see that Babylonian constellations have almost nothing in common with the 12-fold stellar zodiac ultilized by modern “siderealists.” This tablet shows that Babylonians astrologers had a lot (about 18) of lunar star-groups as well as 12 solar months based on tropical events.

Far from supporting the modern siderealist viewpoint, this supports my viewpoint (elaborated upon in my paper) that the sidereal and tropical divisions coexist where the sidereal stars (27 in the case of India) exist sidereally in reference to the Moon, and the tropical signs (12) exist tropically in reference to the Sun.

– Vic DiCara

One of Two MULAPIN Tablets