Can any good come from “bad” stars and signs?

Q: Ardra is a star of disintegration. Would it benefit to have planets in Ardra if you do not have spiritual tendencies?

Yes it can benefit us quite practically to have planets in Ardra or any other troublesome place… imagine you have a dangerous thief approaching your house. On the way there is one stone which is loose and will send him tumbling down the hillside, and there is another which is solid and good. Which stone would you prefer the thief to step on??? Clearly we would want the thief to step on the troublesome stone. Similarly the “bad” places among the stars and signs are good when bad things fall into them.

A simplified example to get the point across: the 6th house is the place of enemies. So the planet who owns that house represents enemies. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that planet in a “difficult” spot? Lets say in Ardra, which melts and dissolves things… wouldn’t it be desirable to have ones enemies dissolve and disappear?

Thus each star and sign and house has a good use and a bad use. The general rule is that it is good to have the stern and heavy-duty planets (like saturn, for example, or the 6th lord) in stern and heavy-duty places (like ardra, mula, the 8th house, and so on).

Do not mix this up with dignity, though. It is never desirable for a planet to have low dignity.

– Vic DiCara

To Catch a Thief
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