A New Reading: YOUR SIGNS

Here is a NEW READING ($10)

Your Signs

… Calculating your chart using my personal system of astrology, I put your planets in order of their prominence and recount to you the essential destinies announced by each planet being in the sign it is in. I conclude by doing the same for your rising sign.

This is a very simple way of giving a reading, but is very effective nonetheless, especially if you approach it calmly and with a patient and open mind. There are many, many things about your horoscope that this reading does not include, and those details surely narrow down and clarify what you will read here. But if you approach this with a meditative spirit you should be able to clarify many of those details on your own, using your own God-guided intuition.

I’ve tried to be as short and succinct as possible, so you don’t have to wade through an ocean of words to get to the pertinent stuff.

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