God of the Star Named Vishakha


There is confusion among modern astrologers regarding the god empowering Viśākhā. The name of this god is Indrāgñi, and most people seem to think that it refers to two different gods: Indra (god of rain) and Agñi (god of fire). However this is not the case. Indrāgñi is the name of a single being noted in the Mahābhārata as well as the Ṛg Veda. There are many different forms of the god of fire, Agñi. The chief (“Indra”) of them is the form of fire used in sacrifices and rituals. Indrāgñi, therefore is the god of ritual fire.

The purpose of ritual is to obtain a specific boon. The god of ritual fire empowers Viśākhā to be a star that focuses and fixes our determination upon a specific objective, often to the point of obsession. The symbol of this star, a finish line, illustrates this mentality nicely.