My Basic Philosophy (of Astrology)


First of all, I absolutely do not believe that you are controlled by stars and planets. Humans are the “adults” of this world, so we have freedoms. With freedom comes responsibility, which is why adults are held responsible for their actions. What many perceive as “fate” or “destiny” is really the universe holding us responsible for how we have used our freedom.

I absolutely do believe in reincarnation. It is merely the “Law of Conservation of Energy” applied to the enegy of our souls. For many lifetimes we have used or misused our freedoms, and that’s why we start this life with a certain “destiny” already in place.

The configuration of heaven and earth at the time you start your life reveals the initial destiny for your current lifetime. Why?

I definitely do not think it is because the configuration of planets and stars somehow influences us with rays, gravitons, waves, or whatever. Instead, I believe it is the compassion of our mother, the universe, to communicate to her children via the movements of her body, the stars and planets.