What is Different in Your New System???


Q: Now that you have integrated a new system into your astrological calculations (27 sidereal nakshatras, 12 tropical rashis – more info), what actually changes in the charts you cast?

What is not changed: All planets are in the same naksatras. Therefore the planetary phases (dasa) are unchanged. Most of the planetary house positions remain the same, including navamsha and divisional houses. The interplanetary aspects are unchanged. The aspects of planets upon houses are unchanged. Transits to planets are also unchanged.

What does change: The rising sign often changes, and thus the signs of the houses and the houses owned by the planets often change. The planets often change the signs they occupy. This in turn affects the dignity of planet, which also has an impact on the potency of the planets.

Q: If your new system is better, does that mean your old readings were wrong?

Considering the previous explanation of what changes and what does not change, you can see that the old system had significant accurate details which remain in the new system. Furthermore I wouldn’t want you to think that improvement makes the past worse. Improvement makes the present and the future better.

Thank you,

Vic DiCara