Do Rahu & Ketu Own Any Signs?

Question: What about Rahu and Ketu – being imaginary points they should not own any houses but there has been different school of thoughts regarding this. What is your view?


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“Everyone is a doctor and astrologer.” Therefore there are millions of opinions about health and astrology. We don’t concern ourselves with millions of opinions, because the masses are shudra and their opinions are not clear or sharp or accurate. We care for what carefully makes sense and is best supported by the historically recognized experts.

Rahu and Ketu do not own any signs, and that’s that. They are not even planets, they are points derived from the relative positions of two other planets: sun and moon. They did not even exist when the zodiac was formed. They only came to exist later, after the universe was formed, during the churning of the milk ocean. Furthermore they are not devas.

Since they are not real planets they do not have the same privelages of owning property in the heavens as the real planets do.

Since they did not exist as heavenly bodies when the zodiac was formed, all of the zodiac property was divided up and taken charge of by the planets which did exist at the time. By the time Rahu and Ketu came to exist there was no free zodiac space left to take ownership of.

Since they are not devas, they will not be given any property in the heavens by the deva kings, the Sun and Moon. They are enemies of the devas and thus the Sun and Moon do not lend or lease or put in their charge any of their domain in the heavens.

The great respected experts of Indian astrology through history don’t ever treat Rahu and Ketu like planets. They are two extra points with very significant meaning in a birth chart, and an important role to play in the unfolding of the human condition and the timing of events – but they are not planets. Some texts, questionable as interpolations perhaps, allude to Rahu being given shelter in Aquarius and and Ketu in Aries. However in my opinion all of the talk of Rahu and Ketu having dignity and owning signs is a whole lot of “barking up the wrong tree.”


Vic DiCara