The 12 Signs of the Zodiac – In Sutra


The 12 signs of the Zodiac are each a combination of three things – an elemental energy, a mode of operation, and a planetary ruler who takes charge of the sign. The symbols of Rams and Bulls and Couples and Crabs and Lions are just assigned later on as mnemonic aids.

If you can learn the symbolic implications of each element, mode and planet – you can combine the three to deeply and flexibly understand each zodiac sign. What might be even more important is that this type of reasoning will prepare you to accurately read horoscopes. The mental process that goes into combining the symbolism of element, mode and ruler to come up with a succinct and distinct description of each sign is very, very similar to the mental process involved, for example, in coming up with a clear understanding of the effect of a planet in a sign and house.

One key to successfully navigating this process of divination is not to expect the same keyword to work for the same thing each time. For example in one case the keyword for Earth may be “practicality,” in another case it may be “stability.” You have to allow for this flexibility because when you put two symbols next to each other, each influences the other. They harmonically resonate, and the harmonics of one brings out certain resonance in the other.

You have to try to shed all thoughts from your mind and only envision the symbols you are dealing with. You have to envision them in a vaccum – keeping out all other notions pertaining to the topic. In audio production, we want to bost the signal and reduce the noise. That’s what we want to do in our divinatory mind – we have to boost the volume of the symbols we are dealing with and eliminate the noise of all other thoughts.

We are afraid to let go of our rational mind and allow your symbolic, divination mind to run wild. We are preoccupied with conclusions we have heard before, and worried about being “right.” Let go of that for the time being. Create a void in your mind, and place only the symbols you are contemplating in that void, then simply watch and listen to the various ways they combine and resonate with one another until you get a handle on what the scene and sound is all about.

For example, Virgo is created by Mercury out of the Earth element and the “Dual” mode. Placing this information in your heart, three keywords can eventually emerge clearly: Mercury = intellect. Earth = practical. Dual = multifaceted. Next, with a little linguistic skill you can express this in a succinct sentence, like: Virgo fosters intellectual and organizational talent in a broad range of practical matters.

You can learn more about the elements and modes and planets from me elsewhere.  Now I will share with you what I discovered in my divinations as 12 succinct sutra to express the nature of the 12 zodiac signs.

Aries fosters independent, decisive ambitions.

Taurus fosters stable, practical opulence.

Gemini fosters ingenuity in a wide range of enjoyments.

Cancer fosters shyness about its deep and definitive emotions.

Leo fosters enduring loyalty and personal power.

Virgo fosters intellectual and organizational talent in a broad range of practical matters.

Libra fosters commitment to bettering our world through beauty and peace.

Scorpio fosters individuality by holding fast to deep emotional opinions and intuitions.

Sagittarius fosters a broader view of morality and philosophy.

Capricorn fosters a decisively unyielding and practical critical nature.

Aquarius fosters loyalty to eclectic yet practical realism.

Pisces fosters deep and broad understanding.


Vic DiCara