Venus and Semen???

Vedic Astrology boldly equates Venus with semen and the reproductive fluids of both genders. In a recent class with a student I explained why. I will share that explanation in that post. As a background, please understand that the main topic of Venus is senses. Thus she creates beautiful sense objects, and is responsible for arts, beauty, pleasure, and positive means of sharing such resources: peace, love, cooperation, marriage, etc. Now to explain how this pertains to semen…


Shukra, Hindu god of Venus, British Museum
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One thing is to be familiar with the vedic / yogic concept of what reproductive fluid is, and how it relates to tejas and ojas, which are the elements of the body that invigorate it and allow the sense perception to be powerful, bright, and pure. Venus creates the senses and she creates the power within the senses, therefore she creates reproductive fluids – which according to the yogic/vedic concept are the primal source of that power.

Another angle on the topic is that the term “senses” is synonymous with “body” because the physical body is merely an apparatus of senses. Saying that Venus creates senses is therefore synonymous with saying that Venus creates the body. Venus creates the body, therefore Venus is reproductive fluids – literally the substances which combine to create a new body.

Venus is connected with the sexual act – especially insofar as it is part of the art of enjoying life. In this way there is a slight connection to reproductive fluids as well. Mainly however, the connection is because such fluids create bodies, which is Venus’ domain. Secondarily because such fluids transform into subtle physical substances which invigorate the senses, Venus’ domain. Of less direct importance is any mythic story associated with Venus (for example, the God of Venus, Shukra, being swallowed by Shiva and emerging from his body in his seminal fluids and thus becoming lustrous), or any connection with sexuality as one of the primary ancient artforms, Venus’ domain.

Hopefully this clarifies how reproductive fluids are one permutation of the topics in the astrological care of Venus.

Vic DiCara