Sign Interpretation – The Changing Moods of Planets

I will quickly introduce you now to a concept that you can spend years and years working with and delving into.

We already know that the planets have relationships to one another, and that the relationship between the guest and the host determines how well a planet can function in a given sign. The new concept is: these relationships change slightly on a chart by chart basis!

The basic principle is this:

The relationship between two planets improves
if they are within four signs of one another,
but not in the same sign.
Otherwise, the relationship worsens.

So, let’s say the Moon is in Scorpio. It has an inherently hard time there and the most significant reason is that the Moon (the “guest”) and Mars (the “host”) are inimical by nature. But now let’s say that Mars is in Libra – the sign right next to Scorpio. That fits the principle of guest and host being within four signs of one another without being in the same sign. So the mood of the relationship between guest and host improves a notch. Thus the inherent negativity of the Moon in Scorpio lessens, and you can adjust your interpretations, imagery and expectations accordingly – making them less negative and more neutral.

This improvement will occur if the host (Mars) is in any of the three signs before or after the guest. In this case, Moon in Scorpio, the improvement happens if Mars is in Libra, Virgo or Leo, or Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius. If Mars is in any other sign, the relationship between guest and host worsens a notch and you have to adjust your expectations of Moon in Scorpio accordingly towards more negativity and less neutrality.

This goes for any planet in any sign. If the host, the owner of the sign, is within four signs of the guest without being in the same sign, the relationship between the guest and host, and thus your interpretation of the effects of the planet in the sign, improves. Otherwise, it gets worse.

If the guest and host are in the same sign, it qualifies for making things worse. But because there are benefits to having the host at home this reduction is mild or negligible.

Vic DiCara