What Astrologer’s Can Learn from “Smoking Causes Cancer”

Lit cigarette
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Smoking causes cancer, period.

Now that doesn’t mean that everyone who smokes actually gets cancer, nor does it mean that everyone with cancer smokes. Why? Because we do other things in life besides just smoking or not smoking.

Similarly, a planet in a sign causes some specific effects, period. However, that doesn’t mean that the person with the planet in that sign will consciously experience those effects throughout their lifetime. Why? Because there are other things in the horoscope besides just that one planet and it’s sign.

Some people smoke cigarettes, inhale poisonous fumes all day at work, and have cancer running in their family. Since many other circumstances contribute to cancer, you can be pretty darn sure that they are going to get it. Similarly when several things in a horoscope point to the same conclusion, you can be confident that the person will consciously and directly experience those outcomes.

Vic DiCara