Yogas in the Navamsha Chart (ex: Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga)



Question: In your opinion, is NBRY (Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga – Excellence Arising from the Cancellation of a Debilitation) to be considered in D9 charts? Some people say debilitation in D9 is final, but other experts (like Dr B.V Raman) look at neecha-bhanga raja yogas in D9 too.

Vic DiCara: I think more fundamental things are important. Without having a true grasp of them, intermediate concepts like neech-bhanga yogas, etc. become hopeless to truly grasp.

For example, debilitation itself is not well understood – despite it being an extremely basic and fundamental concept. Classical textbooks like Phaladeepika often describe standard debilitation with unexpectedly neutral or even positive images, while other signs are given exaggeratedly horrific imagery. For example compare the description of Mercury in Aries, Scorpio, or Leo to the description of Mercury debilitated in Pisces. Without understanding this, without understanding how standard debilitation really plays out, how can anyone really hope to understand cancellation of debilitation (neech-bhanga) or even more complicated Excellence Arising from Cancelled Debilitation (neech-bhanga raja yoga)?

Having said that, to pay the courtesy of answering your question, I think if we are going to cast an amsha as a separate chart it makes no sense to say that we should not read yogas in that chart. If it is a separate chart, it is a separate chart and we are free to read it as such. This does not mean that an amsha (for example, the navamsha) is not more than a subchart, and it does not mean it should not be read in otherways besides as a chart unto itself, and further it does not mean that yogas in a subchart are likely to be as powerful and effective as yogas from the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the main chart.

Vic DiCara