Venus in the 12 Signs


Image by junibears via Flickr

Venus is the planet of our senses. She therefore largely determines our level of good behavior and our wealth. “Good behavior” means how well we go about enjoying our sensual lives. “Wealth” refers to the quality of sensual objects we have at our disposal.


The resources available in the sign that Venus occupies determine how Venus can manifest our good behavior and wealth. You can break down her relation to the sign owners like this:











Venus does not find it easy to create productive outcomes when she is in a sign that belongs to Mars. The main reason is that Mars’ resources are too passionate and independently ambitious. Venus in such an atmosphere becomes prone to selfishness and greed.

The Moon’s Cancer is a bit easier for Venus to work with, but still the Moon’s resources involve desire and emotion. Venus in such an environment is more susceptible to becoming overly passionate and desirous.

The resources of the Sun and Saturn are fairly neutral for Venus, meaning that they present as many challenges as opportunities.

Although Saturn is in the same camp as Venus, there are some unusual outcomes that become likely when Venus must operate through Saturn’s resources. She becomes prone towards making us enjoy unusual or unaccepted things. On the other hand Venus in Saturn’s signs is able to generate very enduring desirable results, too.

The Sun’s resources are slightly positive for Venus, although it again seems to go against the rule of “camps.” Venus here is able to produce power and success through beauty and females.

Venus can make good use of Mercury’s signs, but of these Virgo debilitates Venus. Therefore Venus’ good results in Virgo take a humble turn, and she becomes prone to forego personal happiness for the sake of serving the happiness of others. Gemini, on the other hand, is a place Venus can easily thrive in an artistic, enjoyable way.

Venus is surprisingly happy and productive in Jupiter’s signs. It’s a surprise because they are members of opposite “camps,” but the synergy is quite practical. Jupiter’s resources provide excellent moral guidance to Venus, who therefore becomes more capable of producing good character and true happiness. Pisces, in particular exalts Venus.

Of course, like every planet, Venus operates quite well in her own signs.

To look at this topic from an elemental point of view, Venus seems very neutral to all the elements but does better in the more moderate elements: air and, especially, earth.

Venus in fire signs raises a danger of our sensuality becoming too “hot” but this only really becomes a strong issue in Aries, where Mars rules. It is less of an issue in the Sun’s Leo. In Sagittarius it is entirely overcome by the moral guidance of Jupiter.

Venus in water signs presents a danger of becoming too sensually desirous, but again this is entirely overcome in Pisces due to the influence of Jupiter there. It is somewhat of a concern in Cancer and a definite issue in Mars’ Scorpio.

Air signs give Venus the ability to be smart and intellectual about pleasures, though this outcome is less easy to obtain in full from Saturn’s Aquarius. It is particularly ample, on the other hand, in Mercury’s Gemini.

Earth signs allow Venus to be grounded yet powerful about how we can enjoy life. In Saturn’s Capricorn this can more easily wind up in a negative permutation. In Mercury’s Virgo this grounding causes humility and a servile attitude about enjoyment. The positive ramifications of Venus in an earth sign are most abundant in Venus’ own Taurus.

Vic DiCara