Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About SATURN


If you were taking my course, 102 – the planets, this would be what you would be discussing with me in your eighth class, the class on Saturn:

Saturn’s Sutra:
The Miserable Limitations of Reality.

When you cut straight to the chase, Saturn is all about reality.

Reality imposes limitations and is unyielding, yet only by embracing it do we escape misery. Reality itself is not miserable. Reality is beautiful. Our illusions contradict the beauty of reality, and this contradiction is the true mother of all misery. Saturn frequently operates as a miserable planet only because it exposes our unwillingness to embrace reality.

What “reality”? The truth that we are limited in every way; that we are neither perfect, powerful, nor significantly happy. If we detach from our illusions and embrace the truth of our small, limited nature, we experience peace. Then Saturn becomes the planet which erases all misery.

The Limitations Imposed by Reality

Reality has four walls: time, decay, weakness and flaw. These four walls define the limits of our small existence. Time not only limits our daily schedule, it also ushers in old age and death. Decay works alongside time causing our bodies to become diseased, our memories to fade, and our things to breakdown, fail and become garbage.

Weakness operates under the auspices of this decay. We feel too slow, ugly, and never smart enough. We feel powerless and become servile employees rather than bosses. Thus we feel disenfranchised, alienated, and alone. In isolation we develop abnormalities and thus become further shunned. We grasp at any and every chance to lick a discarded drop of happiness, and thus become perverse and lawless.

Weakness allows flaws and faults to exist. We are intimate with flaws and faults, because we are full of them. Thus we spot them everywhere and become critical, negative and spiteful.

The Strength to Face Reality

Saturn feels like an unyielding grindstone made of reality’s limitations and crushing our illusions to dust. We foolishly compensate by becoming more stubborn, as if we can compete with Saturn. When we are more willing to let go of these illusions, Saturn grants us stability, endurance, tenacity, & perseverance.

Detachment from Illusion = Elightenment

Saturn’s whole motive is to give us no alternative but to let go of our illusions so that we can truly be freed from misery. To those who are making progress on this path, Saturn grants detachment from material things and material ego. This develops further into enlightenment, when all illusions of identity and possession are discarded. In the enlightenment of embracing our true nature we find perfect freedom from misery and experience a state of deep inner peace.

Saturn – the Final Planet in Human Evolution

Saturn and Jupiter both seek to elevate the human soul up out of its descent into a world of illusory objects. Jupiter does so with a positive approach, Saturn with a negative approach. Jupiter rewards our good deeds and allows us to flourish. Saturn punishes our ignorance and forces us to admit the limits to which we can flourish in a venue which is a temporary phantasm – this world.

Saturn finally delivers the “sunlight” back to itself. The sunlight harbored desires in the Moon. It reached out to exchange with others through Mercury. Through Venus it created the senses that made those exchanges tangible. By Mars it developed strength to compete with others to obtain what it desires. Jupiter then helped it attain a broader world view and see the role of less selfish morality and religion. In the end, it is finally Saturn who forces the sunlight to deal with darkness, to deal with the reality that this world of illusory objects is hemmed at every step by restrictions and limits. Thus in the end it is Saturn who causes the sunlight to become disenchanted with illusion and instead seek out its inherent peaceful, satisfied nature.

Saturn in Action

“Too much” Saturn: We see the bad in everything, and almost no one can correct or show us another viewpoint. We are critical, and spiteful. Disliking most other people, we prefer to keep to ourselves and our own ways; thus we become strange, abnormal and perverse. Dull, menial, and slow in mind and body – we live weakly, surrounded by decaying things, filth, and illness. We age prematurely and are tormented to live out a long, tasteless life.

“Not enough” Saturn: We are frivolous, short-lived, short on attention, and attracted to any fluffy object that promises quick happiness. We flee from all critiques. We are impatient, give up easily, lack seriousness, hate to work and are gullible suckers for any idea that sounds optimistic and hopeful. We have unusual fear of death, and prefer to keep old and sick people out of sight.

Just right: We are realistic, patient, perseverant, and detached – able discard garbage and walk away from things that serve no purpose. We enjoy working, and work hard in whatever capacity is required of us. We can improve any idea. We are not afraid of sickness and death. We live long and seek true knowledge.

– Vic DiCara




  1. Jaya Sri says:

    This is one of the most realistic, comprehensive and spiritual approaches to Saturn I’ve ever read!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Never ceases to amaze me just how to the heart of the matter your writing drives these points home. ❤ Again, love the diagrams! Simply Brilliant!


  3. Abby Geertsma says:

    I am doing a project on saturn and I need to know what else to write!?!?!?!


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