Getting the Most from Astrology

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In a phone call the voice is transmitted from the mouth of the speaker to the ear of the listner via an electric signal. For there to be accurate communication the voice of the speaker must be clear and there must not be distracting noise surrounding him; the electric signal and all the equipment involved must not be disrupted or degraded; and the listers ear must be clear and not distracted by other thoughts or sounds around him.

For knowledge to be transmitted by astrology the astrologer must first understand the knowledge clearly. He or she must then speak it in clear, understandable words. The means which carries the sound to the hearer must be undisturbed. The hearers ear must be clear, focused, and not distracted by other thoughts and sounds.

So it is much more than a simple question of “Can astrology know this or not?” It is also a question of “Can the astrologer communicate it effectively and am I capable of hearing it and accepting it effectively?”