Question about Astrology Predictions and Dashas

Question: Is there a 3-month period before the start of dasa/subdasa which can be considered as starting or ending of the respective dasa..something called “Kari ” period where the influences would have already started.


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I am of two minds on this. One mind says that the world is analog, not digital. Things blur into each other, they don’t snap suddenly. Day becomes night after blurring through sunset and twilight. So one dasha becomes the next after blurring through a transition. Thus some influence of the upcoming dasha blur into the final portion of the current one, and some influence of the current dasha bleeds into the initial portion of the next.

By my other opinion on this is that much of what we think we observe as the “sandhi” or “kari” or “transitional period” between dashas may actually be the result of inaccurate calculation of the dashas.

I personally found that I was seeing tons of this blurry sandhi effect when I first began reading horoscopes. Later on I decided that the correct year length for calculating dasha terms was not the solar year (364.24 days) but was instead the stellar year “nakshatra year” (359.017 days). Suddenly about 80% of this blurry “transitional” effect suddenly disappeared and things looked much more crisp and well aligned to their expected dates.

Thirdly, I think we expect too much from astrology these days. We have digital watches and GPS and we schedule our days down to the minutes. It is a very unnatural way of life propped up by the huge agitation of rajo-guna created by post-industrial culture. This is a small blink in human history. In the vast majority of human history, we don’t live this way. We are less exact with timing. If something happens relatively close to the pinpoint-software date it is supposed to happen, that is more than good enough for me, and I think it should be for people who want to experience life like human beings, not computers with atomic clocks. =)

– Vic DiCara



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    lol, wow… well no need to send you a message. 😉 I was curious about this very topic. Had it on my mind to message you. My sister and her husband are struggling to conceive a child. With such a delicate topic at hand I do think just raising one’s vibration (staying positive) and having Faith is the best one can do! I also do not want to end up giving her false hope either–in the event something is off.

    Thanks for your post here. Great timing. 🙂


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