Meditation on Rahu

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The following is what the grandfather of Vedic Astrology, Sage Parashara, reccomends we meditate on in order to attain “graha-shanti” – a peace with Rahu. It is from the ancient Rig Veda, 4.31.1

कया नश्चित्र आ भुवदूती सदावृधः सखा ।

कया शचिष्ठया वृता ॥


kayā naścitra ā bhuvadūtī sadāvṛdhaḥ sakhā |

kayā śaciṣṭhayā vṛtā ||


kayā – how; naścitra – the wondrously multifaceted; ā – from; bhuvadūtī – messenger of the heavens; sadāvṛdhaḥ – always prosperous; sakhā – friend; kayā – how; śaciṣṭhayā – firmly standing; vṛtā – chosen.


How will the wondrously multifaceted messenger of the heavens, our ever-prosperous friend, come to us? What firm decision should be chosen?


There are several key images in this prayer to focus on. First I would call your attention to śaciṣṭhayā – firmness. Rahu causes chaos and upheaval that prevents us from standing firm, even, strong and balanced. So this prayer calls to Rahu to abate the chaos and imbalance so that we can stand firm and steady, solid.


What is the point of standing firm? It is to make us better able to connect with sadāvṛdhaḥ sakhā – our ever-increasing friend. Rahu will make us unsteady until we realize the purpose of steadiness is to attain the ultimate goal. As long as we fix on lower goals, Rahu will disturb and uproot and imbalance us. The ultimate goal is to reconnect to our eternally prosperous relationship with our dearmost Friend – the Divine.


Rahu is the messenger of this Friends, he is illustrated as naścitra – wonderously multifaceted. Meditate on Rahu as the one with no firm shape or form, constantly changing appearance, color, shape, etc. Constantly displaying amazing new facets of his being.


This wonderful Rahu is bhuvadūtī the messenger of the heavens, the messenger of the sky. This means you need to listen carefully to Rahu. The imbalances and chaos caused by Rahu are the language with which he initially speaks to you, conveying knowledge of what, where and how you must evolve and grow so that you can come closer to your eternal Friend.


Thank you,

Vic DiCara



  1. imlitala says:

    thank you very much,,,, if there is more about Raju that you can share I would really appreciate 🙂 what can you tell about Kalamrita yoga and kalasharpa yoga?
    Imli dd


    1. vicdicara says:

      Thank you Imli, Here is something else I have on Rahu –


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