A Few Thoughts on Adolf Hitler’s Horoscope

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Question: What made hitler so charismatic, influntial, and rise and fall so dramatically.

Hitler: 4/20/1889 18:30 in Branauan Inn, Austria

Sidereal, whole sign – his chart has Saturn in the 10th house in the lunar mansion of Aslesha (the mansion of hypnotism and charisma). Saturn in the 10th house gives a lot of power over society. Hitlers Saturn has 177% normal strength (according to a calculation of strengths called “shad-bala”) and is the planet giving and receiving the most aspects in his chart. Mars also perfectly aspects / powerfully influences the 10th house Saturn – causing his influence over society to be martial / military.

Venus in his chart has 189% normal strength, but is in Aries, at the SAME Degree as Mars, and retrograde. Therefore it grants so much charisma (also, Venus rules his 8th house – charisma) but no sense of valuing peace, love and cooperation. It is a highly martialized Venus.

Hilter has Ketu and Rahu (south and north nodes) EXACTLY on the navamsha (the important 9th division chart) ascendant. Nodes in close connection with the ascendant amplify fame, Saturn in his 10th is giving them something amplify. It is Ketu conjoining the Nav. Ascendant, and Ketu gives and takes away very very suddenly.

– Vic DiCara




  1. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds like quite a powerful combination all the way through. Not surprising considering what he “accomplished.”

    On a side note– have you ever seen the Ancient Aliens episode on Hitler?! If not, watch it on youtube. Pretty fascinating. I do believe he used astrologers too and the such… something worth watching, me thinks! 🙂 — just a fascinating show all together. 🙂


    1. vicdicara says:

      There:s a lot more that I didn:t mention, too.

      Hitler was an Indo-phile. He loved India. There are concepts he took from india:

      – He was a vegetarian
      – “Aryan” is a term for ancient Indians
      – He gave Vimana Shastra to his scientists to develop new rocket and missile engines
      – The Swastika is an Indian symbol (interestinly, hitler reversed it)
      – Astrology is huge in India, and Hitler definitely used it – but they say he stopped when it told his doom.


  2. Patti Singleton Williams says:

    Fascinating analysis! Thank you, Vic, and Namaste.


  3. This was totally interesting =)


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