Does Astrology Contradict the Bhagavad Gita’s Wisdom?

“When we consult an astrologer, aren’t we trying to get the fruits of our work? And isn’t that in contradiction to the advice of Krsna in Bhagavad Gita?”

What a really, really wonderful question! Thank you so much for asking this.

First I will note that different people consult astrologers for different reasons. Some consult astrologers in ways that do not violate this principle of the gita. Most, however, do violate this principle in their astrological inquiry. But it is the duty of the astrologer to gently redirect them towards the wisdom of this Gita shloka in the course of addressing their inquiry.

We have a right to act, to do our duties.

Ma phaleshu kadaca NA:
but we never have such rights over the results of our actions.

Ma karma-phala hetu bhur:
So don’t try to cause results of your action

Ma te sango ‘stv akarmani:
but don’t give up action, either.

The wisdom of this shloka from Bhagavad Gita is saying that we shouldn’t only do things which we think will bring good results to us personally, giving up things that we think will bring us bad results. We should do what we are responsible to do, because we are responsible to do it.

This lifestyle is called “karma-yoga.”

The bulk of the Vedic scripture, however, is a precursor to karma-yoga. Most of the Veda is “karma-khanda.” In other words it is about karma, not karma yoga. It is a manual, a handbook for enjoying the fruits of life. Why? Because this is what the vast majority of the readership of the Veda (humanity) is interested in. By giving them a handbook to get what they want – human beings develop faith in the handbook – the Vedas. Thus eventually they come to the more important, though less proliferate, sections on the yogas: karma-yoga, jnana-yoga, and bhakti-yoga.

Jyotish is an appendix on the main bulk of the Veda, and thus mainly it is part of the system of how people can enjoy or not enjoy the fruits. Therefore yes, you are right, the main bulk of astrology is subordinate and inferior to the level of knowledge being expressed in that verse of Bhagavad-Gita.

Jyotish can and should be used to help people rise to this level of knowledge and beyond – just as the karma-khanda of the Vedas are meant for that purpose. That is why the astrologers, at least, should be interested in higher levels. If the astrologers are in karma-yoga, jnana-yoga or bhakti-yoga – then the less advanced persons who come to the astrologers for guidance about everyday material things can receive a great deal of benefit.

– Vic DiCara


  1. dam says:

    Do you think you’re any different as a person after studying astrology?
    I wanted to do an MBA despite knowing that it was not me.Was more of an artist at heart but was still persistent to plod on obstinately even after an astrologer told me to change my course back then.An angst ridden decade later,I have now found my true calling.What a waste those years were.

    but your post made me think.Can karma ever be negated except through meditation?
    it’ll ALWAYS be a positive or a negative balance sheet.Never zilch.Never zero.


    1. vicdicara says:

      Yes, I am enormously different as a person by way of studying astrology. I have a much better concept of what is going on in the world, and I feel much less confused.

      Karma can be dissolved by acts that counteract the specific karma. This is the purpose of the meditations, charities, contemplations, and advice that I try to offer in my readings.


  2. arj says:

    vicdicara- sir, is these Horoscopes Trust worthy.? Can we connect Horoscope with every incidents that take place in our life?


  3. V says:

    My religion tells me that everything is Maya. That all of life is just an illusion. But it’s hard not to acknowledge reality when it slaps you on the face . I don’t exactly know where to draw the line between illusion and reality. However, I am posting here for a different reason.
    I would like to ask you about marriage compatibilities and the various doshas. Esp the most feared of ’em all – The Rajju dosha. It’d be an eye-opener if you could explain this to us. Will the marriage not succeed if there is Rajju dosha or any dosha for that matter and is there a prayaschitha for this ?


    1. If everything is illusion, then a real statement cannot be made. If a real statement cannot be made, then the statement that “everything is maya” cannot be true.

      Illusion implies that there is a reality, but it is not perceived accurately. It is not that everything is illusion, but we are perceiving everything in an illusory manner. There is a reality beyond our imperfect perception.

      I would have to take the Rajju dosha question in a separate post. I do explain it somewhat in the compatibility reading that I offer on my site:


  4. arj says:

    Sir, please help me with a simple answer for this question. Does any love marriage between two will lead to the Death of one among them, as their Birth stars does not match?? May be this kind of question seems weird. But sir, i was forced to ask this question from ma personal experience. So please help do me out sir..


    1. Arjun, It will help to clearly understand how karma actually works. Each one of us is individually responsible for our own karma. No one else creates our destiny, only we do. If we are destined to die in a certain way, we will die in a certain way – marrying or not marrying someone may coincidentially appear to have some connection with our death or not – but it is never the cause. The individual will of the jiva is always the cause of the individual destiny experienced by the jiva.


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