Astrology is like mixing colors.

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Astrological theory is a lot like color theory. In color theory blue is blue, yellow is yellow and red is red. But in practice these colors overlap in various combinations and produces all shades and gradients. Similarly in astrology there are the basic definitions of effects – but in practice all these effects blend with one another, creating shades and gradations.

– Vic DiCara

4 thoughts on “Astrology is like mixing colors.

  1. the analogy you’ve drawn is perfect.
    astrology was never an exact science.There are so many intricacies to it that making an accurate prediction usually backfires.intuition comes in handy to figure out which color would predominate.Sometimes palmistry and numerology is also considered for a comprehensive other times it makes it all the more confusing.

  2. …and people with a ‘real guru’ are usually asked not to consult astrologers since a Guru has the power take their disciples’ karma upon himself.A bit far-fetched?

    1. Generally gurus advise disciples not to consult astrologers for a variety of reasons. The guru may not want anyone else to interfere in what he or she is trying to teach the disciple. The astrologer is another guru, so there can be “too many cooks in the kitchen” when more than one guru instructs a person at the same time. The guru does take away the karma of the disciple, it is a fact – by the disciple following the authorized instructions of the guru. An astrologer can help a disciple practically follow the guru’s teachings. That is my opinion.

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