12th lord in the 2nd house – Humility is the Root of All Happiness.

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In the ancient classic of Vedic astrology, Parashara Muni writes:

Lord of dissolution (12th house) in the house of wealth (2nd house): always spending money on good deeds; moral; sweetly spoken; virtuous and happy.”

This information does nothing if not underscore the extreme importance of humility as the fundamental good quality in life, and the most essential key to positive growth. In the Vedic opinion (which you can see plainly stated by Sri Krsna in Bhagavad Gita 13.8-12) Humility is the foundation of all virtue and all realization. The 12th is the house of dissolution – specifically the dissolution of the various components which support a false sense of ego. Thus it is the house of humility.

The 2nd is the house of things which support and nourish us. Thus the lord of humility in the house of support creates a symbol stating that humility is a key factor in what brings us strength, success, support, etc. This is why the images presented in the quote above are all so positive, something very usual for images ascribed to the 12th lord by classical Vedic authors.

Spending on good: The 12th is the house of expenses, and the 2nd is the house of economic stability and foundations. Therefore the 12th lord in the 2nd house indicates that there is a lot of expense. That’s why the image by the author says “always spending.” But the full image is “always spending on good deeds.” This is because of the positive influence of humility. Humility decreases our self importance and increases our perception of the importance of others. This causes us to be more and more willing to spend our own resources, money, and energy to benefit others. This is the Vedic definition of a good deed. In short this placement increases our charitable nature.

Morality and virtue: As I mentioned earlier, Vedic knowledge identifies humility as the foundation of all morality and virtue. Because the 12th lord in the 2nd house increases our humility, it therefore also increases our access to virtue and morality.

Sweetly spoken: The 2nd is the house of what comes in and out of our mouths. The 12th is the house of humility. Thus the 12th lord in the 2nd house causes our speech to be less proud, less self-serving, more tuned in to the needs and feelings of others, more humble and sweet.

Happy: We wrongly thing that accomplishing our own ambitions and desires will bring about happiness. Vedic philosophy, however, gradually convinces us that the more we become humble the more we can concern ourselves with the needs of others, and the less with our own selfish desires. The more we concern ourselves thusly, the more moral and virtuous we become – for selflessness is the definition of morality and virtue. The more we are moral and virtuous the more we engage in good deeds meant to help others. The more we engage in good deeds the better karma we create for ourselves, and thus the more happiness we enjoy. Thus the 12th lord in the 2nd house increases our ability to be happy as a result of being humble and caring for the needs of others.

– Vic DiCara



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  1. pao says:

    A friend of mine had to expend a lot on his parents’ health for this combination,and he had no other malefic influence in his chart.But people with this combination are certainly found to be more humble.


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