7th lord in the 3rd house = “Miscarriage”???

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In the classic tome of Vedic Astrology, Brhat Parashara Hora, Sage Parashara writes, “Lord of spouse in the house of ambition: miscarriages. Maybe a daughter or son can survive.”

Let’s leave aside the grizzliness of this imagery for the moment and talk about how fascinating it is from an astrological point of view. Neither the 3rd house nor the 7th house has anything directly to do with children. Yet the author has chosen to devote his entire depiction of the nature of the 7th lord in the 3rd house to imagery concerning children! Why is this? Answering this question will unlock the depths of meaning in the symbolism.

All we need to do to answer this question is stick to fundamental astrological principles. The 7th and 3rd house have nothing directly to do with children, but they both do have something indirectly to do with children. The 7th house is about marriage, and the 3rd house is about lust. In Vedic culture the primary purpose of marriage is to raise children. And in Vedic culture, the primary impetus for procreation is recognized as lust (“prajanaś cāsmi kandarpaḥ” – Bhagavad Gita 10.28). So now we are seeing that the connection of the 7th house to the 3rd house has a significant impact on children – not because either of them are directly connected to children, but because both are indirectly connected to children.

What is the third house? It is a place of bravery, ambition, courage and willpower. That is what the author is talking about. The 7th lord represents the fruit of marriage. In Vedic culture this is children. So, the 7th lord in the house of courage forms a symbol indicating that it will take a great deal of courage, ambition, bravery and willpower to attain the fruit of marriage: children.

Abstracting this a layer from the cultural context, we can understand that the 7th lord in the 3rd house indicates that we need to try harder to have a successful marriage. It requires more determination, more effort, more ambition. Abstracting a further layer, it also indicates that we would do well to make a conscious effort to allow less competitive spirit to enter into the manners with which we relate with other people. Our marriage, relationships, and skills in exchange and commerce will develop in time – the more we make conscious effort to be less competitive and ambitious in these, the quicker they will develop and blossom.

– Vic DiCara




  1. Hi Vic,

    In the system of derived houses, the 3rd house is the 12th house of the 4th house, so it can represent sorrow in the family. My background is in tropical astrology, and I don’t know if the same symbolism is used in Vedic. In the tropical system, the 4th represents the family and the 12th is sorrow, grief, bereavement (among other things).

    Take care,



    1. vicdicara says:

      Right – I wanted to address this using only fundamentals. Not the derived house system. I dont trust the derived house system. The 4th is the 12th of the 5th – does that mean that mothers are antagonistic to children? There are many other examples.


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