Self-Realization and Inner Peace (8th lord in the 4th house)

Inner Peace

In the course of working on my new readings, I have been explaining the nature of the 8th lord in the 4th house according to the imagery provided to us by the Vedic seers. The explanation of how this placement affects self-realization and inner peace is something I feel worth sharing. The original author tries to explain it with reference to an image of someone “without happiness”…

Without happiness: Since the 4th house represents our inner heart, it concerns contentment and inner peace. This is the type of happiness that the 8th lord brings a shroud over. It becomes more difficult to clearly perceive what would really make us happy. Without knowing this, it is nearly impossible to find true peace. In your favor, the combination facilitates the ability for spirituality, and occult to reveal the nature of your inner self. Many people without this combination find it easier to be “in touch with themselves” and thus experience contentment and peace. But in truth the “self” they are in touch with is an illusion of the self based on temporary and ever changing identifications with a species, gender, race, nation, family, etc. Thus in the big picture their so-called peace will only bring them calamity as the hands of the clock march unstoppably towards the anihilation of everything they consider themselves to be “in touch with.” The great thing about the 8th lord in the 4th house is that it allows us to conceive of our inner self in a way that others are simply blind to. It will help you see the inner self that is invisible to common people. Basing your self-identity on this deeper vision of reality, the peace you can eventually find via mastery of your 8th lord will never be lost even after the death of everything people commonly mistake to be themselves.

– Vic DiCara



  1. m says:

    i understand that is it because of the fear of “mortality” that such natives (ones with eighth lord in fourth) are always unhappy.How is this eighth lord placement in fourth house different from twelfth lord (liberation and loss) placement in fourth?
    should both cases then give an inclination towards spiritual progress(?)

    You recently posted an article wherein natives with seventh lord in fifth are “always delighted by understanding impermanence”.Are these natives any more spiritual, in spite of having an inherent understanding of mortality and impermanence.

    Why 7th lord in 5th are happy in knowing mortality,so that it does not mar their happiness like a 8th lord in 4th native.

    Thank you for these lessons.
    They’re always enlightening.


  2. shaghayegh says:

    what about 4th lord in the 8th? is it looks like 8th lord in the 4th?


  3. Dylan says:

    Ironically,by being in the fourth house,the eighth Lord is placed ninth from itself and surprisingly kills happiness rather than proving beneficial.


  4. This is just a great explanation….Thanks so much!


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