Harming Beings – 6th lord in the 12th house

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Vedic Wisdom gives us a caricature of the nature of the 6th lord in the 12th house as creating a person who does not observe non-violence, but winds up harming other beings. I will now explore the reasoning for this caricature.

Harming beings: This specifically refers to the Vedic principle of ahimsa (non-violence), which is one of the very primary virtues. Ahimsa is a topic of the 12th house. The 12th house is the sky above the eastern horizon. The eastern horizon is where the Sun rises, and therefore represents birth and becoming visible and physical. So the 1st house, the eastern horizon represents the physical self. The 12th house is the sky above this. In the sky just above the horizon is all the wind and rain which erodes and dissolves the land. Thus the 12th house represents everything that erodes the physical-centrered and self-centered way of existing.

In a self-centered way of existing, we naturally feel like we are important and the people and things in the world are resources for us. The 12th house wants to enlighten us by eroding this self-centered illusion. But if the 6th lord – lord of obstacles – inhabits the 12th house, the symbolism is that there is a blockage, an obstacle inhibiting the 12th house from doing so. If we are in a self-centered concept of life, we exploit others. We do not take care to be non-harming (ahimsa). This is what the author is alerting you to. He is telling you that you must pay much more careful attention to being non-harmful to others. Why live in a way that leaves a big footprint behind you? Why live in a way that inconveniences others? Why for example, eat meat? It is not at all necessary – although maybe someone might think it is “enjoyable.” These sort of debates have to be welcomed more hospitably into the heart of us with 6th lord in the 12th house, or else we risk seriously damaging our future karma and having our next birth in very unfavorable conditions.

– Vic DiCara




  1. O says:

    as an astrologer, are you a pessimist or an optimist?
    what is your general state of mind? with what emotion do you look at life?

    is it good to have preconceived notions about somebody from their birth chart,or it’s better to analyse birth chart first to keep some people away.Do you feel sad at the limitations your birth chart imposes on you and find yourself imaginatively reconfiguring the planets for a better life?


    1. vicdicara says:

      The astrologer should neither be a pessimist nor an optimist. the astrologer should be neutral.
      My general state of mind is my own, but is not my position as an astrologer. When doing astrology I try to leave my personal world view behind. The classical Vedic authors present images in negative ways when the inherent nature of the combination favors negative out comes; and visa versa.

      A notion derived from a careful study of the horoscope is not a preconceived notion. But no it is not good to assume that your talent as an astrologer is more than what it really is.

      Reconfiguring planets is counterproductive. Rather we should learn what the GOOD side of our configurations are and strive for those.


  2. O says:

    if twelfth stands for stripping the self(asc) of illusions and self-absorption,on the contrary,why twelfth lord in sixth leads to vipreet raj yoga?

    if twelve house dashes illusion of the self,leading to moksha
    which among the two- ninth or eighth,is the most favorable position for the twelfth lord?

    people with luminaries esp moon(mind) in twelfth,like Emily dickenson and Kafka, come with a propensity to hide themselves from the world.why is it so?


    1. vicdicara says:

      12th in the 6th may be interpreeted to mean that your enemies (6) meet with defeat (12)?

      The 12th is spiritual in various places.

      Is it not obvious why the 12th house causes one to withdraw from physicality and the manifest world?


      1. z says:

        many celebrities like Scarlett Johansson ,lady gaga and nelson mandels have their moon in twelfth. why is their personality different from kafka and emily dickenson?

        how to detemine which traits would manifest.


  3. vicdicara says:

    z – There may be 100 people with moon in the 12th house. each one will certainly have the personallity trait associated with the moon in the 12th – but each one also has 144 OTHER factors in their chart that might be completely different. These different factors contriubte different traits – thus we get different individuals, who share some things in common to greater and lesser degrees.


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