What is Morality?


An important thing about morality is revealed by studying the 9th house. To find it in the sky – look straight up and then look just to the west of that. That area is the 9th house. When you look up you are looking at the open sky – thus you are looking at the area which symbolizes the public, society, and your role in it. That is the 10th house. If you look to the western horizon you are looking at where the Sun sets, opposite to where the Sun rises. The place the Sun rises represents our birth and being in this worl. The opposite place, the west, represents all the other people in the world with whom we relate. That is the 7th house. The 9th house is between these two. It is the western neighbor of the 10th house. Thus it represents how our role in society afftects other people. That says a lot about what morality is. It is an awareness that everything you do impacts everyone else in the world – and therefore your own desires should be tempered and limited by the needs of others.

– Vic DiCara