Jupiter in the 9th House, a Classical Vedic Perspective


This is an excerpt from one combination in my new reading, Vedic Wisdom on your Planets in the Houses, which you can order here.

In Hora Sara, Prithuyasha says:

Jupiter in the 9th will make one enjoy all kinds of happiness. The native will be learned, splendorous, virtuous, and wealthy.

Varahamihira, the father of the man who wrote the above quote, has this to say, in Brihat Jataka:

If Jupiter is in the ninth house, the native will be an ascetic and devotee.

These appear to be quite different, which is why taking them together is so interesting and helpful to get to the bottom of what Jupiter in the 9th really is all about. The son says that Jupiter in the 9th brings all sorts of happiness, learning, virtue and wealth. The father says that Jupiter in the 9th makes one so devoted to Godhead that one becomes an “ascetic” – a person who renounces material sense gratification for the sake of spiritual enlightenment. The two appear to be rather diametric, but what is fun and illuminating is to show how they are not opposites at all.

Happiness: The 9th house is fortune and so is Jupiter. So it seems like 2+2=4 to illustrate the nature of Jupiter in the 9th house with an image of “all kinds of happiness.” In some circumstances this might result in plain, simple, superficial happiness; but more likely something deeper happens. The 9th house is not just the house of fortune. To say “house of fortune” and leave it at that is to really miss the whole point. Where does fortune come from? At least as far as Vedic philosophy goes, good fortune comes as the long term result of good deeds. I think this is also rather self evident, although in our confusion we might sometimes doubt it. Nonetheless, the point is that getting fortune comes from giving fortune. Getting goodness comes from being good. This is why the 9th house is not just the house of fortune, it is simultaneously the house of morality, philosophy and religion. And the same is true for Jupiter.

So, when we say, Jupiter in the 9th promotes “all kinds of happiness” what we are really saying is two things: (1) The results of previous good, moral deeds are bearing fruit for you in this lifetime. (2) Good deeds done in this lifetime are increasing your happiness now and in the future. What I hope to illustrate is how to tie in the “happiness” principle with the things that will be said later, culminating in asceticism in pursuit of divine love.

Learned: Let’s continue this theme, because that is exactly what the author, Prithuyasha, does. Happiness comes from doing good deeds. How do you know what is good and bad? It’s not easy. It takes a lot of contemplation, and study of different systems of morality. Thus the same combination (Jupiter in the 9th house) which promotes happiness simultaneously promotes learning. They are not two different things, they are the same thing. The type of learning Jupiter in the 9th promotes is morality, law, ethics and philosophy.

Splendorous: This means that Jupiter in the 9th makes us more “bright.” Bright is a condition associated with hope and goodness. By learning morality we obtain hope that there is a positive path that society, and we ourselves, can try to walk. Faith in this path gives us more inner hope, and that inner hope creates a positive mental constitution which makes us visibly brighter on a subtle, but perceptible, level. This is the splendor promoted by Jupiter in the 9th house.

Virtuous: It is one thing to learn the right actions that will generate happiness and prosperity – it is something deeper to have firm trust in them, which creates splendor and brightness. It is still something altogether more significant to be “virtuous” – that means to have trust and faith in good deeds to such an extent that we actually practice them in our lives, even when conditions are difficult.

This string of images has presented a gradual deepening of effect of Jupiter in the 9th house. The more positively your entire horoscope supports Jupiter in the 9th the more deeply the effect, and the more fully all four characteristics will manifest.

Wealth: All of the above is true wealth. Jupiter in the 9th does not produce wealth from cheating or swindling others. Jupiter in the 9th promotes wealth that comes from acting morally. Therefore this wealth is truly the source of happiness. We cannot deeply enjoy that which we feel is improper. We try to rationalize the impropriety of our enjoyment away, but this is shallow happiness. The deeper happiness of Jupiter in the 9th house provides us wealth which is proper, because it come to us from moral deeds in this and in previous lifetimes.

Ascetic devotee: Now let’s harmonize the quote about Jupiter in the 9th from Varahamihira. Hopefully you can almost do it yourself by now, after reading my explanations so far. Jupiter in the 9th house produces happiness that is rooted in morality. If the rest of the horoscope does not interfere too strongly Jupiter in the 9th will bestow the full fruition of happiness and morality.

Vedic philosophy says that the ultimate purpose of life is to experience joy and bliss. It gives several paths for realizing this at various stages of evolution. The highest evolution is to realize that true happiness comes from pleasing others – love. The Vedas then guide the fortunate, evolved soul to the most blissful and fulfilling object of love – the Supreme Attractor, whom the Vedas name Sri Krishna. Varahamihira says that Jupiter in the 9th gives “devotion.” This is not at all contradictory to Jupiter giving happiness and wealthy, because devotion is the highest perfection of happiness and wealth! Furthermore Varahamihira states that Jupiter in the 9th can grant a very specific type of devotion: “ascetic devotion.” With this he indicates that Jupiter in the 9th assists us in finding the perfect and more fulfilling object of devotion, a being who is not confined to the limitations of the material world, Sri Krsna and his various multiforms. This is the meaning of “ascetic” – it means to give up this world. Ascetic actually means that one gives up selfishness. “This world” is not a physical location, it is a state of consciousness polluted by selfishness. Jupiter in the 9th grants the wealth of happiness, learning, splendor and virtue to such an extreme that it can take us to the zenith of joy – the ultimate perfection of happiness, which is divine love of Godhead, krsna-prema.

Thus the statement of Prithuyasha is not in anyway a contradiction of his father Varahamihra’s statement. It merely shows the evolutionary steps leading up to the effect described by his father pertaining to Jupiter in the 9th House. The more fully your horoscope and your will encourages Jupiter in the 9th to explore morality and faith the more fully all of these images will manifest in your life.

– Vic DiCara