Classical Vedic Astrology

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Let’s start by defining classical.

 Classical –                  

1. Having the form used by ancient standard authors;
2. Being of recognized authority or excellence.

Now let’s define vedic, which is a form of the word veda.


1. Knowledge
2. Written compilation of knowledge

Something is vedic if it is directly related to this written compilation of knowledge, veda. Indian culture quite successfully recorded a compendium of all human knowledge. Knowledge of Astrology is one of the sciences covered in these Vedic writings.

Now we can combine the two to understand that the phrase “Classical Vedic” is something that directly follows the standards set by the ancient Vedic astrological authorities. Who are they? They are a small group of sages with names like Parāśara, Jaiminī, Bhṛghu, and Gārga . We also consider later authors who mastered the teachings of these sages to be among the “standard authors” defining “classical” Vedic astrology. Virahamihira is the name of one such later authority.

If astrology conforms faithfully to the definitions and standards formulated by these Vedic authorities, only then can it be called “classical Vedic astrology.” My Classical Vedic Reading quotes extensively from such authors, especially from the astrological encyclopedias compiled by Parāśara and Virahamihira.

Before we begin the reading, it is very important to be clear on what these quotes – and the books they are drawn from – really are. Vedic books are very different from modern books, because modern books are written for a popular audience, whereas Vedic books are not. Vedic books would not be sold in stores, for example – but would be kept in the libraries of learned people. They speak not to the masses, but to the experienced specialist.

This is a very reasonable way to deliver knowledge. It has a lot in common with the way a modern pharmacy delivers medicine to the public. A pharmacy holds a huge stockpile of medicines, but you or I cannot just walk up and demand whatever medicine we want. We first have to visit a specialist, a doctor, who examines us and determines which medicines in the pharmacy we should and should not receive. All the details recorded in the vast pages of the Vedas are like a huge pharmacy of knowledge. The guru or “guide” is the equivalent of the doctor who is able to understand exactly how to explain the knowledge in the Vedas for the best effect to the “patient” – you and I.

People who try to directly use the Classical Vedic astrology texts to read horoscopes are like patients trying to prescribe their own medicines – it doesn’t work well. The statements in the Vedic astrological texts are codified, symbolic communications from one master of astrology to another. The symbolism of these words communicates volumes of concepts. A person qualified to be a “doctor” of astrology, can make perfect sense out of these concepts, and in turn explain these concepts to a member of the general public in a beneficial way that directly applies to them and helps them understand their destiny and role. In short, the words of the astrological classics are not meant to be read to the public. Rather, the meanings within those words have to be explained as they are relevant to the specific individual.

The format I use for this Classical Vedic Reading facilitates this, while also giving you a glimpse of the intriguing and colorful language of the classical authors.

For each condition in your horoscope I will

  • Quote what a classical authority says about it.
  • Explain the deeper concepts encoded in that literal quote.
  • Express how these concepts apply to you.

By going through the many conditions in your horoscope, the most important and powerful themes pertaining to your destiny and role in life will gradually and richly reveal themselves.

The conditions I will explore are:

  • The planets in the signs
  • The planets in the houses
  • The lords in the houses
  • Important Conjunctions
  • Important Aspects
  • Debilitated, Exalted or Combust Planets
  • Important Alignment “Yogas”

– Vic DiCara

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