When your Horoscope Contradicts Itself

Image by ...-Wink-... via Flickr

Oftentimes a single horoscope will have some placements that indicate one outcome, and some placements that indicate an opposite outcome. For example, a single horoscope may have several factors in it indicating poverty, while several other factors indicate wealth. How do you read this?

Some think that opposites “cancel each other out.” So that if you have 4 indications of wealth and 3 of poverty, well… the 3 poverty indications cancel out the 3 wealth indications, so the 1 remaining wealth indication wins. Congratulations, you will be wealthy. This is a completely bogus idea of how to read astrological charts.

Although it is a bogus method, it does have some merit. The merit is the idea that the stronger and more predominant indications in a horoscope will win out over the weaker ones. So for example if you have very strong indications of wealth and very weak indications of poverty, your experience of wealth will be much more prominent than you experience of poverty. How do you assess “strength”? Well, you need to learn astrology, but I can summarize that you defer to the shadbala of the planets involved, the confluence in theme between the involved houses, planets, and signs, and the quantity of other placements in the horoscope indicating similar outcomes.

This is a reasonably good approach to reading charts, but it remains ignorant to a very important fundamental point. The point is that people live for a long time. We don’t live our whole life in one moment. We may be wealthy, for example, at some stage of our lives and poor at other stages. This is why one horoscope almost always shows contradictory conditions. During the cycles and transits of the planets involved in the indications of poverty, for example, one experiences poverty – but during the cycles and transits of the planets involved in the indications of wealth, the same person experiences a change of fortune and enjoys wealth.

Vic DiCara