I have _ in the _ house – but I am NOT _!

Lung cancer cell

Smoking causes cancer. People used to laugh, “Joe has been smoking for 53 years and he is healthy. And Sally’s Mom died of lung cancer at the age of 42 and she never smoke or drank!” Well that’s lovely and sad, but smoking causes lung cancer. That everyone who smokes does not get lung cancer does not change this fact, nor does the fact that not everyone who has lung cancer gets it from smoking.

Similarly when a planet is in a sign, or house, or whatever – there are certain outcomes. For example, I have seen that Mars in the first house of a female horoscope contributes to the outcome of lesbianism. This does not mean that every woman with Mars in the first house is a lesbian, nor does it mean that every lesbian has Mars in the first house.

– Vic DiCara