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The medicinal science of Sanskrit culture (ayur-veda) primarily approaches health as a balance between three primary factors (doshas) in the body:

  • Tissue (kapha)
  • Metabolism (pitta)
  • Circulation (vata)

A unique ratio of these three blends to constitute each individual’s health (prakriti). The more unbalanced the ratio, the more there is illness (vikriti). Various types of imbalances create specific varieties of ill health. For example, excess Tissue leads to weight retention and trouble riding the body of toxicity. Excess Metabolism leads to stress and the concomitant maladies. Excess circulation causes systemic frailty.

In this system of medicine, diagnosis is most often done by physical proximity. The most thorough and utilized diagnostic tool is an extremely sensitive and sophisticated method of reading the patient’s pulse. Other diagnostic tools exist as well, which observe various focal points in the patients physical and mental being. A substantial number of doctors in this discipline also avail themselves of Astrology as a diagnostic tool; the birth charts are a sort of “DNA” which these doctors (or their astrologers) can read to foretell the nature, depth and duration of a patient’s illness.

Since I am an astrologer, not a doctor, let me outline some of the basic astrological principles pertaining to the three primary health factors of Ayurvedic medicine. The key to deciphering which astrological factors pertain to which medicinal principle is to use the four primordial elements as a link between the two.

Factors Indicating Tissue (Kapha)
Tissue forms as a result of the primordial element “Earth” holding within it the primordial element “Water.” These elements, particularly Earth, therefore indicate the nature of an individual’s Tissue.

  • Strongest of all, the planet Mercury promotes the Earth element. Jupiter, though not technically an Earth-element planet, also supports the Tissue principle.
  • Earth exists strongly in three zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Factors Indicating Metabolism (Pitta)
Metabolism is a result of the primordial element “Fire” being held is liquid substances, the primordial element “Water.” In astrology:

  • Foremost agents of Metabolism (in order) are the Fire planets: Mars, Ketu, and Sun.
  • The fire signs are also significant: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Circulation results from the primordial element “Air.” Air represents itself astrologically like this:

  • Foremost agents of Circulation are (in order): Saturn and Rahu.
  • The air signs are significant: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Basics of Reading
You, of course, cannot hope to successfully diagnose a medical condition after merely reading an introductory article – but this article can start you on your way to proficiency. One thing to do is to examine the planets of a particular medical constituent. Let’s say you want to know if a person has a healthy Tissue principle. You could begin by looking at Mercury. Is Mercury in a sidereal (of course) Earth or Water sign with Earth or Water planets (Venus and Moon)? If so, it is one factor indicating that the Tissue principle is strong. But if Mercury is in a Fire or Air sign with Fire or Air planets, it is a factor suggesting that the Tissue principle is thwarted by the other principles. Repeat the observation for the other planet concerned with Tissue, Jupiter.

In this way you can build up a list of positive and negative points for and against the health of a patient’s Tissue principle. Repeat that process for the other two health principles, Metabolism and Circulation, and you will have a valid basis for making a diagnosis about the nature of the person’s health constitution.

– Vic DiCara

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