Why You Can’t Make Clear Sense of Astrology

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To become a chef, first you have to learn about the ingredients, then you can learn how to cook. Finally, having mastered both the ingredients and the cooking, only then can you make delicious meals all the time, consistently, and thus call yourself a chef.

To become an astrologer first you have to understand the Symbols of Astrology in isolation, only then can you learn how they combine; and only once you have learned how they combine are you capable of understanding how the things in a birth chart pertain to the real thing in the mirror in the real world.

You have learned about the “atoms.” The atoms of astrology are the planets, the signs, the houses. Now you are looking at how atoms combine to form molecules. “Moon in Cancer” for example is an astrological “molecule.” Still, even molecules are INVISIBLE to the naked eye! Astrological molecules do not produce visible effects on their own.

Student: u mean the 2 atoms – the planet and the sign = moon in cancer…right?

Right, one atom here is the Moon

another atom is Cancer

Student: both making the molecule… ok

Right, when they combine they form a certain molecule: “moon in cancer”

You can read in Brihat Jataka and other textbooks about the properties of this molecule:

– “fast habits”

– “curvy, voluptuous body”

– etc.

Those ARE the valid properties of the MOLECULE, (and if you understand the atoms well, you will understand why the molecule they form has these properties; and your understanding of those properties will not be confined to their literal form in a text book). Still, even if you perfectly understand the molecules of astrology – in the real world molecules are too small to see. We only see molecules when they combine with other molecules of a similar / compatible nature, and thereby form “compounds” – substances that we can actually touch and see.

Similarly the “atoms” of the planets, signs and houses form molecules when they join together, but the properties of those molecules do NOT have tangible effects, unless and until they combine with other molecules with similar properties; thereby forming “compounds.” Those compounds are tangible in the visible, real world.

Do you get it now?

Student: I think so..slowly but surely. Its forming in my mind the seeds


You have a certain molecule in your horoscope: “Moon in Cancer.” One property of the Moon in Cancer molecule is that a curvacious body results. If your horoscope has OTHER molecules that also have the property of creating a curvacious body, and if those molecules combine with the Moon-in-Cancer molecule, then they can form a compound that makes a real tangible effect in your life.

The biggest bar to 95% of the population getting the truth out of astrology is that they think what they read about the properties of the molecules is supposed to be the outcome of their chart. It is not. The astrological expert has to read the chart to see how the properties of all the molecules in it COMBINE to produce tangible compounds that affect the real world

Student: Its an interaction of all the other molecules around that makes up the whole.


Student: What are those other molecules?

The other molecules are the other combinations of atoms (planets, signs and houses) in the chart. For example, another molecule in your chart is called Ascendant-in-Taurus. One property of this molecule can support one property of the Moon in Cancer molecule – to make a curvy figure. The next question is, “can the two molecules reach one another to form a compound?”

The answer in your chart is yes, by something called “rashi drishthi” the conditions of things in Cancer can combine with the conditions of things in Taurus. So there is some avenue for a compound to form between those two molecules of your chart. The compound formed from the linking of these two molecules improves the likelihood of your actually having curves, etc.

But still these are only two molecules of you! Another molecule in your chart is “Saturn in the First House.” The property of THIS molecule (which relates to the compound we are exploring) is “skinny, long, and has bad posture.” Will this molecule interact with the other compound formed by the atoms of the Moon and Ascendant? Certainly and strongly because it is physically located in the house of your Ascendant, the First House.

Therefore to understand the astrological compound that actually manifests in your real life, one has to at least figure out the combination of these three molecules:

1) Moon in Cancer (since we started there)

2) Asc in Taurus

3) Saturn in 1st House

Does it make sense?

Student: I think so yes

I would like to post this section of our conversation – from where I started using the atoms/molecules/compounds analogy – is that OK with you?

Student: yes

– Vic DiCara