What Gives Planets Power Over Us?

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Q: Can you tell em lil bit more about Durga Mata
as to how she is the Base diety of Rahu?

yes that is an important topic actually, because it explains what gives planets “power over us.”
the essentials are this…
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the essentials are…
that energy flows from a source
every wire is connected to a turbine, eventually
and every turbine works on principles eventually manifested by the original turbine of the universe, the sun
and that sun manifests a reflection of the transcendental turbine – the brahmajyoti
and that bhramajyoti is the effulgence coming of the self-manifesting turbine of bhagavan
parashara begins his hora shastra by saying,
“the nine planets manifest the energy of Vishnu…
… for the sake of administering the karma of jivas”
thus each planet is “plugged” into the power source of vishnu
but each has a different wire
and a different outlet
the outlets are the nine primary of the ten avatars
excluding kalki
Sun comes from Vishnu as Rama
Moon comes from Vishnu as Krsna
Mars comes from Vishnu as Narasimha

Q: Oh Moon is Krsna I didnt know..Thanks

Mercury Vishnu as Buddha
Jupiter Vishnu as Vamana
Venus Vishnu as…. hmmm i have to check…
Saturn is Vishnu as Kurma
Rahu is Matsya
no Rahu is Varaha
Ketu is Matsya
AHA Venus is Parashurama
the peace lover

Q: (how do we reconcile shukra with shukracharya and Vishnu and parsurama?
but that is separate question…you address some other time
pls continue

then there is a chain of “turbines” from the outlet to the graha
Take the Sun
All power comes from Svayam Bhagavan
then into the world through Sri Rama
then towards the Sun through Shiva
Shiva passes the energy to Agni
Agni gives it to Surya
thus the Sun Graha becomes empowered to control karmas
each planet has this trail

Venus for example
Power comes ultimately, as always, from the Supreme Person… into the world through his incarnation as Parashurama (the man who loved peace so much that he killed all the warriors)
Parashurama hands the power to Indra
Indra gives it to his wife, Indrani
Indrani gives it to Shukra(acarya)
who uses it to empower the Graha, “venus”

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so I can tell you the rest of the planets
see each personality takes the energy from the former and imparts unto it his or her own unique characteristics
This is why Venus is so opulent, skilled, beautiful and peaceloving
as a result of the chain of energy flow TO Shukracarya
so then there is the Moon

Q: Oh…Parsurama-Indra-Indrani-Shukracharya connection…
and Durga Mata?

From the Fountainhead the energy flows into the world through the incarnation of Krsna. Krsna sends the power forward to Parvati – Shiva’s consort. Parvati gives it to Apas, the Water goddess, Apas gives it to Chandra who uses it to empower the “Moon.”
That’s the Moon
Now about Durga
She empowers Rahu
the energy path is…
From the fountainhead through Varaha, the boar incarnation, to Durga the destructive goddess, to Rahu who empowers the “north node” to control karma.

Q: so its a connection with Vishnu
whether Rahu or Shukra

Ketu’s path is: Fountainhead -> Matsya (the fish) -> Chitragupta, the reckoner of death -> Ketu -> “S. Node”

Q: oic

Parashara is in line with the Vedantic Siddhanta:
The Vedantic Siddhanta (Perfect conclusion of the Veda) is summarized in the Sutra: Janma-adi-yasya yatha
meaning “everything comes from Vishnu”

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so he clearly states at the beginning of his work, the Hora Shastra, that all the planets and all their power comes from Vishnu
therefore his work can be accepted as “Vedic”

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Q: so my Narayan Hriday Stotras– actually end up giving me grace marks? in all power outlets??

Correct Correct Correct!
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It is an interesting read for people


Let me tell the other planet’s paths

For MARS…. From the Fountainhead into the world through Narasimha (the feirce Man-Lion) who passes it to Skanda (God of War) to Bhumi (the Goddess of the Earth) to Kuja who is the being empowering the graha/planet called “Mars”
You can see the fierceness all the way

Q: Mars is also the’ Bhumiputra’

And Bhumi gives the ability to conquer the earth and gain territory
Mars is born without a father
only of the Earth
and he takes no wife
because he is selfish and self-oriented and doesn’t want to deal with cooperating with a woman!

Q: ‘Men are from Mars’ I would say ‘Single Men are from Mars’

Yep! Good one

now for MERCURY… From the Fountainhead into the world through Buddha (The enlightened) on to Narayana (the maintainer of the cosmos) on to Vishnu as a demigod who maintains the substance of the cosmos, on to Budha the deity who empowers the planet “Mercury” to hold our karmas
you can see the organizational skill and the intelligence all the way

Q: Now you are saying Narayan and Vishnu to be two different

They have different roles
one is the “karanodakshayi vishnu”
the other is the “ksirodaksayi vishnu”
and people have more than one name, so it can get confusing, I agree
in this case I believe that Narayana refers to the karanodaskayi Vishnu – the “Quantum Vishnu” lying on the ocean of causality.
And then “Vishnu” refers to the demigod vishnu
who lies on the ocean of milk
and maintains the substance of the cosmos

Q: ok
got it
Q: Multiple Hats worn by same Power


JUPITER… From the Fountainhead into the world through Vamana (the small boy who expands to fill the whole universe) on to Brahma (creator of all law and wisdom) on to Indra and then to Brihaspati who uses it to empower the planet “Jupiter”

Q: ok

only Saturn remains…
of course always last…
SATURN gets power from Godhead entering the world as Kurma (the turtle who held a mountain on his back). From there it passes to the Prajapati (The creator of life). Then to Yamaraja (God of death), finally to Shani, who is the deity of the planet “Saturn”

It is actually the deities – Shani, Shukra, Surya, Chandra, etc. – who control the karma of us all, NOT the rocks out in space which merely move to indicate their intentions
in Saturn’s case you can see the flow of energy creating forebearance, longevity, inescapable reality and death

Q: The Rocks with their pull exert force on us
I believe the deities control us through that force

no they do not

Q: They dont?

the effect of the gravity of the planets is absolutely negligable

Q: oh ok

there is more gravitational pull from a candle down the hall than there is from Saturn

Q: except that of Moon?

regardless of the amount, gravity is a physical law
it is NOT the physical bodies in outer space that control our destiny!

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it is the deities of inner space who control that destiny
the globes floating around out there merely represent or reflect their inner movements and intentions
Ultimately the planetary deities are called “Graha”
it means they “hold” things
what do they hold?

Q: Fruits?
Q: and Rewards?

apples 🙂
right, “fruits” as in results
foolish people think the planets hold YOU
they do not
they hold things in the same way a tape recorder holds sound
they record
and hold records of your freewill
and thus administer the proper “fruits” or results

Q: You mean to say…you are naked in front of them?

they are within you
so you are not “in front of them” really
they are inside your being, they COMPOSE your being
Sun is your ego
Moon is your heart/mind
Mercury your thoughts
Venus your body and senses
Mars your energy
Jupiter your wisdom
Saturn is your limitation

Q: what is Rahu?
within a human body

Rahu is your ability to go forward in time
Ketu is your ability to go backwards and remember

Q: Is ketu linked to Past Birth memories?

yes Ketu is

Q: and then would Rahu be responsible for fortune tellers

Rahu is responsible for people who see the future, yes – fortune tellers, inventors, innovators, revolutionaries, etc.

being within you the planetary deities record everything, every way you utilize your will
and they hold on to those recordings
until the right conditions allow them to erase the recording by bestowing the just reward or punishment for what they recorded

A chain of deities decending from God gives them the AUTHORITY to do so
that is the chain we discussed

Q: yes..

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“To be contd…”

Krsne Matir Astu!

Q: Jai Sri Krishna